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the next session of my critical thinking workshop on AI Ethics &
Prosthetics is hosted by the Czech Center in Berlin on Friday 6th April.

It happens in conjunction with the Czech Innovation Festival which will
focus on artificial intelligence.



Friday 6th April 2018
Time: 17:00-20:00


Participation is free, but registration is required.
Please register at doubkovas at czech.cz


A critical thinking workshop on the radical potential of artificial
intelligence (AI) to change human bodily experience.

In this workshop we focus on the drastic and, as of now, underestimated
potential of AI to change human bodily experience. We begin with the
question “Would you live with an autonomous prosthesis?” Using speculative
methods and critical conversations, we discuss the ethics of AI in relation
to future intelligent machines that do not only live with us, but on and
within us.

What forms of bodily experience will emerge? Who will own the algorithms
and the data driving these new prosthesis? Will prosthetic devices become
more appealing to those who do not necessarily need one? Will they become
more useful for those in real need?


The workshop is part of Donnarumma’s 2-year Research Fellowship at Berlin
University of the Arts, in partnership with the Neurorobotics Research
Laboratory at Beuth-Hochschule für Technik Berlin, 2016-2018.

Further info: http://marcodonnarumma.com/works/ai-ethics-prosthetics/

Wishing you well,

Marco Donnarumma, Ph.D.

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