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Dear spectrers,

Here is some infos about my last work - Axis Mvndi - that tries to
explore some important concepts in radio art:
the usage of radio waves at a cosmic scale and brodcasting whithout


Cosmic radio sculptures
Axis Mvndi is a device that sends radio waves in space in order to draw
shapes at a cosmic scale.
By playing on the movement of a dish antenna, ancient cosmological models
are materialized into space and become autonomous shapes in infinite
Axis Mvndi proposes a theoretical and artistic shift on the use of the
electromagnetic spectrum
through the broadcasting of waves that will never be received.
They are used for their greater specificity: their traveling at the
speed of light.

The shapes drawn by Axis Mvndi correspond to representations of the
imagined during antiquity: Babylonian constellations, seas of the Hindu
cosmic egg,
Greek burning wheels or Norse Yggdrasil. Using modern techniques to
project these figures in space,
Axis Mvndi is positioned as a poetic realization of these ancient

The installation is centered around a motorized 2m parabolic dish antenna.
This antenna is rotating continuously, broadcasting waves in the desired
direction to achieve
the drawing of a cosmological form. On a wall, a video projection
follows in real time the course of waves.
Anthropological and scientific documentation on cosmological
representations is displayed on another wall.

The antenna, mounted on a rotor, is oriented horizontally and vertically
according to the shape
of the cosmological model executed. The installation plays on the
orientation of the antenna
and the duration of emission of the wave, depending on the position and
the orientation
of the emission location on Earth: the movement of the antenna is
superimposed on the movement of the earth.
This movement is the only apparent action and places the broadcast in a
reality perceptible to the visitor.

A video projection displays and explains the current process. It allows
to visualize the model
that Axis Mvndi is reproducing and the path of the waves already emitted
to realize it.
Nearby a wall documents the context of emergence and retraces the
history of the cosmological models
executed by Axis Mvndi: tables containing texts, diagrams and sketches
made by the artist
following the anthropological researches carried out.
More infos:
Video documentation:
Exhibited in Acces(s) - Pau - France

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