[spectre] Amsterdam book launch of Geert Lovink's Sad by Design @droog June 18, 5 pm

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 12 14:33:06 CEST 2019

Amsterdam Booklaunch of Geert Lovink, Sad by Design, On Platform Nihilism
Pluto Press, London, 2019

Date: June 18, 2019, 5 PM

Where: @Droog, Staalstraat 7A/B, Amsterdam

More on the location at www.selfdesign.nl <http://www.selfdesign.nl/>.
Contact: yara at imagesociety.nl <mailto:yara at imagesociety.nl>, arina at imagesociety.nl <mailto:arina at imagesociety.nl>

The book will be for sale at the event.

Geert Lovink will give an introduction to the book and have a dialogue with Miriam Rasch (Institute of Network Cultures) about the background of the different chapters.

The event will be closed by the presentation of the musical collaboration between John Haltiwanger and Geert Lovink called ‘We Are Not Sick’. John Haltiwanger will present several newly composed theory songs of the upcoming album and will do a brief presentation about the custom instruments driving the songs and the sloganistic 'ambient theory machine' that works with key words and phrases taken from the Sad by Design essay, as heard during the opening and closing of the event.

https://www.plutobooks.com/9780745339344/sad-by-design/ <https://www.plutobooks.com/9780745339344/sad-by-design/>

The table of content can be found here: http://networkcultures.org/geert/2019/05/15/just-out-the-english-edition-of-the-sad-by-design-book/ <http://networkcultures.org/geert/2019/05/15/just-out-the-english-edition-of-the-sad-by-design-book/>

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