[spectre] The Alt-Right Complex, HMKV, Dortmund, Germany, 30 March - 22 Sep 2019

heath bunting heathbunting at irational.org
Mon Mar 4 12:55:28 CET 2019


as all supra states collapse, i think its important to return a reduced 
but precise lexicon so we can rebuild free from historic idioms

the word 'populism' is obviously contaminated by exceptionalism

here in the uk, everything is contaminated/ inverted by imperialism

so we have the spectacle of tommy robinson, a 'known' fascist, challenging 
the state's intelligence agency support of child prostitution funded 
jihadist fighter exporters, whilst the 'liberal' media support his 
unlawful solitary detention in gaol

we also have julian assange in indefinite arbitrary detention for telling 
the truth

hence my pedantic intervention

wish i could see the show

hope all is well


On Mon, 4 Mar 2019, inke.arns at snafu.de wrote:

> Hi Heath,
> good to hear from you!
> > great title ! - "The Kids Are Alt-Right“
> well, not my invention but a song by Bad Religion: https://youtu.be/hES9IBTPbcw
> > why a pejorative use of word 'populism' ?
> I use the term in combination with "right-wing"
> >as enlightenmentalists, should we not strive to decontaminate language and
> knowledge ?
> sure, always truly yours (populism is not necessarily negative per se), but first we need to understand the
> contaminated language we are being exposed to by the endarkenmentalists, and that's what I am striving to to ;-)
> you could also be fundamentally critical of me using the (alt-right) term "alt-right" - shouldn't we call them what
> they are? "If you see a Nazi, say Nazi" ;-)
> All the best, Inke

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