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Shu Lea Cheang shulea at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 3 08:30:28 CEST 2019

Dear Spectrers....

I am posting here to "promote" a live radio stream and invite your 
participation. [below is a post marked 26/08/2019 SAVE THE DAY, proposal 
for mailing list radio streams]

With the understanding of Spectre's moderators, Andreas Broeckmann and 
Inke Arns, we have invited Geert Lovink to moderate this
mailing list radio streams (among other mailing lists- nettime, crumb, 
faces, empyre), SPECTRE hour is scheduled for 16:00-17:00 (CET), 
September 8 (sunday) 2019.

I am coordinating this radio stream participation and will keep posting 
on this matter. to bother you more!

We do want to work out some primary concerns for spectrers to talk about 
on this radio show.

let me quote [https://monoskop.org/Spectre]

SPECTRE is an open, unmoderated mailing list for media art and culture 
in Deep Europe.

Initiated in August 2001 
<https://monoskop.org/index.php?title=2001&action=edit&redlink=1> after 
implosion of Syndicate <https://monoskop.org/Syndicate> list. SPECTRE 
offers a channel for practical information exchange concerning events, 
projects and initiatives organized within the field of media culture, 
and hosts discussions and critical commentary about the development of 
art, culture and politics in and beyond Europe. Deep Europe is not a 
particular territory, but is based on an attitude and experience of 
layered identities and histories - ubiquitous in Europe, yet in no way 
restricted by its topographical borders.

SPECTRE is a channel for people involved in old and new media in art and 
culture. Importantly, many people on this list know each other 
personally. SPECTRE aims to facilitate real-life meetings and favours 
real face-to-face (screen - to - screen) cooperation, test-bed 
experiences and environments to provoke querying of issues of cultural 
identity / identification and difference (translatable as well as 
untranslatable or irreducible)


  * Inke Arns <https://monoskop.org/Inke_Arns>, Andreas Broeckmann
    <https://monoskop.org/Andreas_Broeckmann>. /Rise and Decline of the
    Syndicate: the End of an Imagined Community/. November 2001.

Looking at spectre posting nowadays... it remains the major outreach 
forum for us artists, organizers, who is enger to SPREAD the news of our 

Through spectre, we hope to bring in more audience for our events, we 
call for submission of proposals, we ask you to read our proposals+++.

By posting on spectre, we exist!!

occasionally someone would  send (if not on the list publicly) a 
personal message that would make us happy, YES!! someone did read my 

Nettime (if you are also on this mailing list) is currently engaged in 
the debate on the existence of nettime mailing list.

Here i would like to pause some question for spectre mailing list.

(1) What does spectre list mean for you? if you are oldtimer of spectre 
list? or social media generation? Aside twitter, facebook, what does 
spectre mailing list announcement meant to you?

(2) do we ever expect more of spectre mailing list? do we ever dive into 
"discussions and critical commentary about the development of art, 
culture and politics in and beyond Europe."? do we want to? there is 
possibly other mailing lists to do so?

(3) How exclusively is spectre list? this circle of friends, of knowing 
each other personally. we post to let each other know, we still HERE! we 
yet UNFINISHED? we STAY UNFINISHED?? What/how do we ever meet a new comers?

hmmmm, i do hope i have some responses with this gentle post as we 
search for some topical focus for Sunday's one hour radio show.


> Mailing list Radio Streams
     Part of STWST48x5 , STAY UNFINISHED, hosted by STADWERKSTATT, Linz, 
> Live broadcast on radio FRO, http://fro.at
>  12:00-17:00 Sunday, september 8, 2019
> Triggered by a nettime posting (Date: Friday, June 07, 2019 10:41 AM)
> from the nettime mod squad, “subject: <nettime> Nettime is in bad shape.
> Let's see if we can change it”, UNFINISHED LIST brings together 5
> existing mailing lists LIVE ON RADIO. The text based email listservs
> with their subscribed members are online platforms that grow the media
> communities with informations, discussions and debates. Nettime, mailing
> lists for networked cultures, politics and tactics since 1995 is
> moderated by Ted Byfield and Felix Stalder; crumb new media curating
> mailing list aims to help those who 'exhibit' new media art, including
> curators, technicians and artists since 2000 is moderated by Beryl
> Graham and Sarah Cook; Faces on gender, technology, art since 1997 is
> moderated by Valie Djordjević, Diana McCarty, Kathy Rae Huffman, Ushi
> Reiter; -empyre- facilitates online discussion with critical
> perspectives since 2002 is moderated by Renate Ferro and Tim Murray;
> spectre started with media art and culture in Deep Europe has offered a
> channel for old and new media to meet cross borders since 2001 is
> moderated by Inke Arns and Andreas Broeckmann.
> UNFINISHED LIST is part of the programmation of STWST48x5, STAY
> UNFINISHED, organized by Stadtwerkstatt taking place on september 6-8,
> 2019. Founded as an artists’ collective, Stadwerkstatt (STWST), a
> striving, living cultural space prides itself as an autonomous structure
> since 1979, is celebrating its 40 year existence in 2019. STWST48x5, the
> fifth edition of STWST’s annual extravaganza 48 hour showcase, held in
> conjunction with Ars Electronica, announces STAY UNFINISHED as its
> thematic approach this year. STAY UNFINISHED aims to look at the art of
> the past and the projects of today. It's about history and now, it's
> about process and transformation. It's about not being finished, not
> getting finished, and mostly about moving forward, thinking ahead. With
> STAY UNFINISHED, we seek coalition with art and societies who remain in
> constant development and perpetual movement towards a possible utopia of
> open society in ever-expanding modes.
> Hosted by Radio Fro housed in STWST and conducted by the lists’
> moderators with special moderation by  Valie Djordjević and Elena Robles
> Mateo for faces and Geert Lovink for Spectre, the 5 hour non-stop radio
> streams invite global public to listen in and participate with speaking
> voices live broadcast. 

> WATCH OUT FOR MORE INFO on how to join for YOUR VOICE to be heard and on
> how to listen in by the list moderators!!

> SAVE THE DAY   12:00-17:00 (CET), September 8, 2019

> 12:00-13:00 - Nettime (since 1995), moderated by Ted Byfield and Felix 
> Stalder

> 13:00-14:00 - crumb new_media_curating (since 2000), moderated by 
> Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook
14:00-15:00 - Faces (since 1997), moderated by Valie Djordjević, 
> Kathy Rae Huffman, Diana McCarty, Ushi
> Reiter. RADIO moderation: Valie Djordjević, Elena Robles Mateo

> 15:00-16:00 - empyre- (since 2002),moderated by Renate Ferro and Tim 
> Murray
16:00-17:00 -
> 16:00-17:00 - Spectre (since 2001), moderated by Inke Arns and Andreas 
> Broeckmann. Radio moderation: Geert Lovink 

> sl
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