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58740 mare nostrum

(sound) The sea had lapped this Sardinian shore for untold years before
my microphones before it. In turn, it has inspired this reverie of
sampled sirens, trumpets, and a ripped-off foley sequence from the Béla
Tarr film Kárhozat (Damnation) — with all due apologies.

http://nula.cc/58740 mare nostrum
58704 nemrut dağı

(images) Although they have sat aloof, atop a tumulus of rock for some 2,000
years, the ruins of Nemrut Dağı receive regular visitors: at dawn and
dusk, busfuls arrive to take in the sun’s rise and set. But at midday,
we have it to ourselves, and share it only with the flapping wind, and
the birds who swoop, dive, and play in it.

http://nula.cc/58704 nemrut dağı
58601 fata morgana ~

· Ebert: You strike in this film … an apocalyptic note. … Do you feel
   we are living at the end of days?

· Herzog: I do not think that the end is imminent, but one thing is
   clear: We are only fugitive guests on our planet.
(album) A mirage is a thing at once true and false; the image of a thing
not there, which nonetheless can be seen and even photographed. In this
collection of works (let the theme of Herzog’s film „Fata Morgana“ give
them a loose bond), you will hear various field recordings placed on
backdrops or in landscapes instantiated through convolution, the
unnatural echoes of one voice within the impossible chamber modelled by
another. The groaning metal door of a machine shop, the nimble fingers
of Armenian carpet weavers, a paternoster elevator, crows, bells, steam
whistles, rattling pot lids, dry leaves and sleet falling are the
voices. Where are they in these pieces? On what planet do they resound?

http://nula.cc/58601 fata morgana
57111 drifting (xinaliq)

(video) High above a canyon in the Greater Caucasus Mountains of Azerbaijan
Xinaliq, we witness: a parade of clouds drifting between the twin
escarpments; and below, a flock of sheep being driven to a green meadow.


http://nula.cc/58706 [1] asia minor
http://nula.cc/58636 [2] addis ababa
http://nula.cc/58616 [3] kutaisi (redux)

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