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Fri Sep 20 18:36:24 CEST 2019

grey) (area

Chiara Passa: Circle in Circle
AR instlallation
22nd - 24th September, 20 - 22 h
Memorijalni kompleks (Spomenik / Monument), Trg pomirenja, Korčula

Cosimo Mollica, Giuseppe Legrottaglie: LEAVE || ACT  
AR walk
23rd September, meeting at 16 h
Memorijalni kompleks (Spomenik / Monument), Trg pomirenja, Korčula

Circle in Circle is new work by Chiara Passa from the series Inside Geometry double language (2015-ongoing). The site-specific installation is designed in relation to spheric arhitecture of the WWII Memorial Complex in Korčula town, designed by Bernardo Bernardi 1981. Virtual reality (VR) video installation is composed of 12 3D-viewers and 12 smartphones playing different VR animations.

LEAVE || ACT is an AR (augmented reality) walk within the Korčula town inspired by phychogeographies by Guy Debord. The part of the project about local plants authors Cosimo Mollica and Giuseppe Legrottaglie developed with Sani Sardelić, member of Grey Area's association.

Free entrance and participation

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