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PCD21: Call for Works . Future Vision


*** The Processing Community Day 2021 (PCD21)*


February 11th, 2021 - Online

PCD is a free and open-participation event. It aims to promote Creative
Computation and Computational Thinking in the Arts and Design.

*** Call for Works for an Online exhibition*


The PCD @Porto invites professionals, researchers, students, and artists to
submit individual or collective projects that explore the idea of vision
from the creative coding perspective. The selected works will be
incorporated into an online exhibition within the scope of the event.

*** Theme: Future Vision*


Our relations have increasingly been mediated by digital screens, hence we
are constantly seeing each other through computer cameras, or
“computational eyes”.

As the event will be held online, we would like to invite the submission of
works that explores such a condition. In light of this, what possible forms
or types of visions does the code point to? How can we manipulate or
perhaps take advantage of these ways of seeing to speculate about
alternative ways of seeing?

Submissions that propose alternative ways (sound, tactile, haptic) of
approaching the theme are also very welcome.

*** Requirements*


Project submissions can be of static nature, such as posters or
photographs. Or of dynamic nature such as video, interactive or performatic

Make sure that you use code, not only Processing (https://processing.org/)
or p5.js (https://p5js.org/) , but any programming language or creative
coding environment, in one of the development phases of the project
development, either for the production of materials or for the final
generation of the work.

You can use any type of materials, techniques or contents (illustrations,
sounds, types, words, photography, etc).

*** Submission*


* Fill the online form: https://forms.gle/udiDeKjdLpsLZhpDA.

* Upload a brief description of the work (up to 500 words) presenting the
concept and specifying how the code was used on the project. Descriptions
can be submitted in English or Portuguese.

* Upload up to five images of the work plus, when applicable, a video or an
executable file (for Mac).

*** Important dates*


* Submission deadline: 22 Jan 2021

* Notifications: 29 Jan 2021



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