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Mon Sep 7 11:56:41 CEST 2020

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Dear all,

together with my long-time collaborator Baptiste Caramiaux - computer
science researcher at CNRS, France - we just published an essay discussing
the hybrid, art&science methodology we developed in the past 5 years
working together on AI / machine learning technologies and concepts for
arts and performance.


Adopting an autoethnographic approach, we elaborate on the shifting meaning
and use of learning algorithms in our artistic and scientific work, while
reflecting on some sociocultural changes that fed back into those shifts.
We start by looking back to 2016, when we created Corpus Nil
<https://marcodonnarumma.com/works/corpus-nil/>, and arrive to 2020, in the
context of Humane Methods
<https://marcodonnarumma.com/works/humane-methods/>, our latest stage
production produced by Fronte Vacuo.

The essay can be read freely as a preprint. It will be later published as a
chapter in a forthcoming book, *Handbook of Artificial Intelligence for
Music: Foundations, Advanced Approaches, and Developments for Creativity*,
edited by Eduardo R. Miranda, for Springer.

Hope it will serve as an interesting read to some of you,
and please don't hesitate to comment, criticise, output feedback,

wishing you well,
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