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Mon Apr 26 00:23:47 CEST 2021

Dear SPECTRE readers,

IMPEKA [http://impeka.org/] released a couple of cassettes recently which
may or may not be of interest to you...


[!CS007] *ORPHAN *| *YIJODA *[C40]
Spread across nine tracks of disorienting beats, processed voice samples,
haunting synths, tape hiss, distorted rave-sirens and painfully
(mis)treated acoustic instruments, this album explores the boundaries
between noise music, club culture and sonic art, capturing the moments in
between being in total control and fully relinquishing it – by your own
will, or by force. Whilst the opening few seconds seem to offer calmness
and content, we are rapidly thrown into a harsh, confounding and
unforgiving aural landscape: snapshots from a Tyneside rave party being
tossed into a tumble dryer and re-arranged by the blink of an ear...
*MORE: *https://impeka.bandcamp.com/album/yijoda

Two mesmerizing, immersive pieces based on a manipulated feedback loop
created by the artist's set-up of turntable, mixer and sampler; one
composed for a Resonance Extra <http://extra.resonance.fm/about> broadcast
in May 2016, the other specifically created for this release during the
winter months of 2019-2020 using the same processes and methodology.
Although they were both composed in the noughties, using a single sound
source - and with only four years between them - these pieces seem like
very distinct manifestations and representations of two rather different
fields (as well as eras) of experimental electronic music, with «Feedback
Composition No. 1 (2016)
<https://impeka.bandcamp.com/track/feedback-composition-no-1-2016>» evoking
droney tape manipulations and analogue synth experiments, whereas «Feedback
Composition No. 2 (2020)
<https://impeka.bandcamp.com/track/feedback-composition-no-2-2020>» echoes
glitch, minimalistic- and algorithmic composition, and even dub techno -
yet these two monumental sound sculptures accompany each other remarkably
*MORE: *https://impeka.bandcamp.com/album/two-feedback-compositions

[!CS009]* AUTOMATIC WRITING CIRCLE* | *WORKS 2009 - 2019* [C66]
Live recordings and studio mixes from a decade of the group's existence,
documenting their activity and creative / compositional approaches over the
last ten years. Formed in London in 2007, and having featured a number of
artists and musicians from very diverse backgrounds throughout the years,
the group - now semi-dormant - has performed at several prestigious
festivals and venues across the United Kingdom and Europe. The three pieces
on this cassette present us with a wide range of sonic material - from
electro-acoustics and jittery concrete, to free improvisation and
contemporary classical - reflecting upon both the cultural and musical
backgrounds of the performers, as well as the environments in which
performances have taken place.
*MORE: *https://impeka.bandcamp.com/album/works-2009-2019

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