[spectre] SAMBATAS STAGINGS. Experimental performative project.

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Tue Aug 17 12:02:38 CEST 2021

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*Visual Culture Research Center (Kyiv) is happy to announce an
experimental performative project SAMBATAS*

*Many other walled towns have been razed to the ground by *

*mighty movements of the earth, and many cities, citizens and all, have *

*sunk to the bottom of the sea.*

*Titus Lucretius Carus, De Rerum Natura*

*SAMBATAS STAGINGS is an experimental performative project that draws on
the and imagery of urban ruin to find new ways of using the public space in
times of social distancing. It takes form as a series of process-oriented,
collectively produced performances, readings, rituals and writing sessions
that depart from the poem De Rerum Natura by Titus Lucretius Carus. Opening
up the hidden potentials of urban space, these practices are activating the
abandoned ruins in a garden off of Petrivska street in central Kyiv. This
process will culminate in a public gathering and performance on August

*Sambatas is alleged to be an ancient city that may or may not have existed
alongside Kyiv. Sambatas is thought to have been raised to the ground in
the first millennium AD. Today, in the second millennium, a similar fate is
threatening certain parts of the city of Kyiv, like the area of Petrivska
street that fell prey to a number of landslides. Sambatas Stagings takes
place at the site of those landslides to make Lucretius’ philosophies of
flux present in contemporary Kyiv.*

*Sambatas Stagings merges performance, music, experimental pedagogy, and
media art. It is organized by Red Forest together with a group of artists
convened around the abandoned territory of Petrivska Street in Kyiv aka

*Red Forest is a collective that works on the intersections of research,
art, political imagination, and social actions. Red Forest are: Diana
McCarty , Mijke van der Drift, David Munoz Alcantara  and Oleksiy Radynski *

*David Munoz Alcantara an artist, architect and researcher, Helsinki*

*Mijke van der Drift is a writer on transfeminism and philosophy, and
lecturer, London*

*Diana McCarty is a Professor of Film and Video and a founder of reboot.fm
<http://reboot.fm>, Berlin *

*Oleksiy Radynski is a filmmaker and researcher, Kyiv*
*WHEN: *August 19, Thursday, 19:00
*WHERE:* *30/34 Petrivska street*

*Sambatas Stagings is organized by Visual Culture Research Center and ХАЩІ*

*with the support from the International Co-Production Fund / Goethe
Institut Ukraine / Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.*
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