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Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka margarethe at mur.at
Mon Jul 12 11:20:31 CEST 2021

Dear community,

this is a kind remider to some upcoming events by mur.at - a multimedia
exhibition focused strongly on sound art, and an online talk by Marta
Zapparoli. Feel free to tune in and enjoy, and do not forget to check
the project blog to discover more soundworks :)

Kind regards,

Margarethe (for the project team)


*# OFL 3 – 13. July 2021, 19.00-20.30h Vienna time**
**Marta Zapparoli - Inaudible, multiple sonic realities and magnetic matter*

The Inaudible is the hidden sonic reality which surrounds us in 
everyday life.  During the lecture I will introduce the fascinating
inaudible world of  electromagnetic radiations from nature (VLF), and
the opposite site of  it; radio communication and electromagnetic fields
(EMF)coming from  electromagnetic pollution in cites. These waves are
always present and  mutable in place and time and they become the mirror
of our society in  constant change. I will talk about my experience
during self - made  recordings, and  how I transform these
electromagnetic radiations in  different sonic forms through
compositions, live performances, and  site-specific sound interventions
with the use of analog tape machines,  radio receivers, detectors and
antennas. I will discuss about the  relation between magnetic matter and
the inaudible in connection with  our techno-society . We will dive
between sound art, science, auto-transcendence, multiple sonic
realities, and cosmic imagery.



*as if they were flowers - a hybrid exhibition*

A group of young artists has been dealing with ideas and technologies
related to autonomy and the autonomous self across a year-long process
of collective thinking and working. We tested, elaborated and remixed
texts, ideas and technologies. One initial impulse was Richard
Brautigan's iconic poem "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace"
(1967) which depicts a fragile, questionable ecosystem of coexistence
between human, nature and technology. This working process resulted in a
hybrid exhibition (both physical and virtual) that we invite you to
explore. The virtual space is accessible via Mozilla hubs, the physical
exhibition is open from 13.-16. July 2021 at Kunstraum Reagenz Graz.

The journey started from the question: What is the "autonomous self",
where and how does it exist and how is it shaped and/or transformed by
media? From from analog photography to Snapchat selfies, from field
redordings to radiowaves and speech synthesis, we use a number of
technologies to create, capture and transform medial fragments and
aspects of selves in a loop-based iterative working process. Transcoding
selfies and remixing sounds and images, we aimed at opening a path
towards creating a system of systems. What possibly appears in this
process is an idea of the autonomous self as part of the ecosystem
arising from the dialogue between technologies and our perceptions of
and through them, questioning individuality and identity-making through
media as much as exploring possibilities of collective intelligence.

*Opening:* 13. July 2021, 18h - introduction by the project team (with
snacks & drinks)

The on-site exhibition is open from *13.-16. July 2021, 11-13h // 16-19h
@ Kunstraum REAGENZ Graz*

*LINK to virtual exhibition:*


Note for participation:

*/VR exhibition /*- We recommend participants should enter on
computers/laptops and not mobile phones (some features might not work on
mobiles), and preferably use headphones for good audio experience.

/*Physical exhibition*/ - the exhibition can be see and listened to from
the outside; for attending teh opening and entering the room we require
to follow the "3G" covid rules and bring either a test or a certificate
of COV vaccination/ Genesung.


*Project team:*

Alisa Kobzar, Alyssa Aska,  Daniele Pozzi, Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka

*Further info and open project diary: https://autonomous.mur.at*

This series of events has been kindly sponsored by the City of Graz,
Land Steiermark - Kultur, Europa, Sport and BMKOES.*

See *https://mur.at* for further projects and events on media & network

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka

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