[spectre] two new online / hybrid pieces: 'Kontakt (simultan)' and 'in|fibrillae'

Hanns Holger Rutz contact at sciss.de
Sat Jul 17 18:13:19 CEST 2021

Dear Spectrites,

I would like to invite you to explore two new pieces created for web

'Kontakt (simultan)' is a piece on an experimental waiting process
taking place inside the studio space of Reagenz, Graz (AT). Here, a
glass plate with collected lichen fragments is automatically irrigated
and photographed four times a day, perhaps producing an extremely slow
growth, that is revealed as a time series of the photographs. The
process can be followed on the Mastodon social media account
https://botsin.space/@kontakt , showing the daily rhythms and perhaps a
long-term evolution. The photographs are augmented by text lines
contributed by people reacting to an ongoing open call, reflecting on
waiting and on making contact. **You are kindly invited** to read and
participate in the open call at

'in|fibrillae', premiered at this week's xCoAx, is a sound poem created
together with Nayarí Castillo. It is accessible at
https://www.sciss.de/exp/infibrillae/ . The piece is a reconfiguration
of an audio-visual installation into the online browser space. It is
loosely based on a previous work in|filtration, unravelling it into
hundreds and thousands of small fibres, in order to transpose the
original materiality for a personal space. in|fibrillae is about
exchange between otherwise disconnected and “uncommunicative” segments,
departing from forms of spatiality: the distinction between a common
space and an individual (or inner) space. The common is a repertoire of
shared topological forms for sound structures. It is individuated
through genetically programmed synthetic sounds, yielding the distinct
corpora of virtual sub-spaces. The pure sonic layer is complemented by a
layer of animated digital image and text fragments. The images are based
on wax paper prints taken from cut tree branches in Caracas, and the
bulge that the trees regrow around the cut producing a visible boundary
surface. Each sub-space corresponds to a poem, a set of words that
belong together. They appear in permutations inside the trunk drawings.
To our knowledge, in|fibrillae is the first piece to use scsynth.wasm,
running the SuperCollider sound synthesis engine through WebAssembly in
the browser. It requires a recent Firefox or Chrome/Chromium desktop

Both pieces are meant to run for a long time, and currently, they also
have physical installation forms at the facade of our art space Reagenz.
Here 'Kontakt (simultan)' is showing the current photograph alongside a
month old one, allowing one to explore the changes through stereoscopic
optical lenses.

Best regards,

Hanns Holger Rutz

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