[spectre] Besides the Screen 2021 Ningbo + ONLINE: Geographies, Spaces, and Places Outside the Screen

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Sat Jun 5 15:29:00 CEST 2021

Hey folks!

In case someone might be interested, the Besides the Screen conference
programme just went online, with all video presentations and short films.
Here goes a short release.



* * *

**Besides the Screen 2021 Ningbo + ONLINE**

June 10-12

at UNNC, China + besidesthescreen.com

online presentations available NOW

In conclusion to the (slightly delayed) Besides the Screen 10th Anniversary
programme, our 2021 conference builds upon the network’s previous
activities. This year’s event examines the reconfigurations of screen
industries, cultures, spaces and places through sites of production,
infrastructures of circulation, film festivals, film tourism, and city

Besides the Screen 2021 will be a hybrid event hosted by the School of
International Communications at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China
(CN), in partnership with King’s College, London (UK) and Queen’s
University (CA).

> WATCH paper presentations and short films on our website (
besidesthescreen.com) and YouTube channel (youtube.com/besidesthescreen)
from JUNE 4.

> REGISTER in advance for live panel discussions between JUNE 10-12 on

ON_SITE presentations by Stephen Andriano-Moore, Nancy Liu, Xin Pei, Andrew
Wortham, Garrabost Jayalakshmi, Adam Brillhart, Zhen Troy Chen, Melissa
Shani Brown, Jinuo Diao, Yu Ming, Rui Yao, Qingqing Huang, Panjia Zhou, Gus
Sifang An.

ON_LINE presentations by Roy Hanney, Siqi Liu, Mark R Johnson, Kim Munro,
Miguel Mira, James Rendell, Kateryna Sivak, Alessio Baldini, Rachel
Johnson, Angela English, Susan Lord, Tamara De Szegheo Lang, Zaira Zarza,
Carla Mereu Keating Lawrence Bird, Dyna Herlina Suwarto, Hao Wen, Sarah
Watts, Abby S. Waysdorf, Apoorva Nanjangud, Carter Moulton, Richard Misek,
Roderik Smits, Stefania Haritou, Xiaoying Pan, Darien Sanchez-Nicolas,
Alexander Christensen, Lyuwenyu Zhang, Kaifan Wang.

ON_LINE shorts by Christopher Boulton, Mikhail Zheleznikov, Maurício
Chades, Catherine Cough-Brady, Andrea Rassel, Jeron Cluckers, Paul Jacques
Yves Guilbert.
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