[spectre] a hackathon art bounty on blockchain after disillusionment

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Our message to the creative world

Only a few years ago, blockchain was all the rage, in finance, in
discussing politics, rethinking institutions and in art.
It was the utopian vision and the villain, the solution and the main
problem, sliding on the Gartner Hype cycle of technology.
This bounty is about what happens after disillusionment, with the tool sets
at hand and with resources in society, outside the confines of the
financial market.
How can principles of decentralization offer new outcomes, after the
promise and the failure of blockchain?
What are the crypto lessons learned in order to walk towards futures more
people are excited to encounter?
Does it offer alternative models for art production and distribution?
Artists, designers, tinkerers and creative technologists are invited to
explore Decentralised Finance and the Blockchain in what they brought to
the world and what they can put forward towards the future, for art as well
as for tech, as disruptive, productive and transformative models.
Thematic areas to influence your work:

The Public Domain, Solidarity Networks, Decentralised Finance, Collective
Good, Consensus Mechanisms, Alternative Economies, Decentralised
Governance, Decentralised Futures, Future of Work, Digital Art Assets,
Technologies of Archiving, Cryptomining, Datamining and Carbon Footprints,
Proof of (Art) Work, Collaborative Attribution

Submissions are not required to focus on finance and the (art) market, but
are invited to reflect on replacing the current system of centralised
finance, governance and decision making with the sorts of decentralised
concepts that have been built in the DeFi space, as well as in other open
source initiatives. You are welcome to explore matters such as the history
of the open source movement in relation to new forms of centralization; how
can markets be reconfigured to form mutual growth, instead of knowledge
asymmetry and competition through secrecy, copyrights and patents; creative
uses of distributed ledger technologies; thinking beyond current
implementations of technologies into more energy efficient decentralization
mechanisms, thinking beyond current models of the art market etc. Inquiries
include, but are not bound to: speculative concepts, critical reflections,
visionary tools, multimedia experiences, timestamp art, microgrant
ecosystems, archival practices and wherever your imagination takes you in
linking creative work in thinking decentralised futures.

On Decentralized Finance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1Z5BnBuFyE.
The Implicit Feudalism of Online Communities: https://mediarxiv.org/sf432/
A Council of Citizens to Regulate Algorithms:

Wind Energy to Mine Cryptocurrency to Fund Climate Research

Artists Rethinking the Blockchain

Submissions are due by *End of Day on July 7th*

*More on https://github.com/Badger-Finance/gitcoin/issues/1
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