[spectre] Roots & Seeds XXI and The Traveling Plant: An Iberian Summer Tour for Leonardo/Olats

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Wed Jun 30 10:13:13 CEST 2021

Dear Spectrites,

The summer of Leonardo / Olats will be an Iberian journey in three stages:
Barcelona in Spain, then Evora and Marvão in Portugal and resolutely
focused on the plant world with events around the projects "Roots & Seeds
XXI" and "The Traveling Plant".

*1 - Roots & Seeds XXI*

*Multidisciplinary Garden Cartography *

*15 & 16 July 2021 Barcelona *


Organised by Quo Artis, the lead partner of the Roots & Seeds XXI project,
this workshop is the first of a series of three. Taking place at the Ferran
Soldevila Garden (University of Barcelona) it gathers a group of
professionals from different fields (artists, scientists, economists,
philosophers, curators and art critics) whose practices are linked to the
plant world in different ways.

The two other workshops will take place in september, one organised by Ars
Electronica during the Festival in Linz and the other organised by
Leonardo/Olats in Paris.

The Roots & Seeds XXI partners are: Quo Artis, Ars Electronica,
Leonardo/Olats, Universitat de Barcelona in collaboration with the Institut
Botànic de Barcelona. The project is supported by the Creative Europe
programme of the European Union.

*2 - The Traveling Plant : an Iberian tour*

Seeded in Paris in June 2020, *The Traveling Plant *Project [
thetravelingplat.net] germinated in Treviso in July and launched in
September 2020 at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz with the "Preparatory
logbook" and "The Traveling Plant Video Tour"

In 2021, *The Traveling Plant* gets out of its Winter Quarantine to start
its long journey around the world. It stops in Barcelona on July 17th at
the Botanical Institute before crossing the border over to Portugal,
stopping over in Evora on July 21st before going to Marvão on the 24th.

** The Traveling Plant in Barcelona, Cruel of Tucuman*, performance by
*Paula Bruna, *organised by Quo Artis in collaboration with the
Institut Botànic de Barcelona

July 17 (by invitation) - July 18 (public event, free upon registration)


** The Traveling Plant in Évora, **The Discoveries of Traveling Plant in
Évora / As Descobertas de Traveling Plant in Évora*

On July 21st,* The Traveling Plant *stops in Evora for a public round table
organised by Marta de Menezes from Cultivamos Cultura in collaboration with
the Center for Art and Culture of the Eugenio de Almeida Foundation where
the exhibition *Alter(action) *is displayed.


** The Traveling Plant in Marvão, **Marking the Pace in Marvão / Marcar o
compasso em Marvão*

The Traveling Plant will then continue its journey at the
International Music Festival of Marvão, in eastern Portugal, for a
public round table presented on July 24 by Marta de Menezes for
Cultivamos Cultura in collaboration with the Festival.


A wonderful Summer (or Winter for the other half!) to all


Annick Bureaud
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