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Digital Commoning Practices


Following last week Open Source Audio Stream, we begin the new phase 
Intersecting Commons Lecture series:

First Session: Intersecting Commons

11.03.2021 7pm-9pm 
Activation with Selena Savic in discussion with Station of Commons Juan 
Gomez & Gregoire Rousseau.

11.03.2021 8pm-9pm 
Rethinking the common: Exploring the potentialities of space commoning
by Stavros Stavrides

If commoning is about complex and historically specific processes 
through which representations, practices and values intersect in 
circumscribing what is to be shared and how in a specific society, where 
can we locate the potentialities of space commoning? Based on the view 
that commoning practices are characterized both by the means they employ 
and by the subjects that participate in them, this presentation will 
explore how inhabited space may become a shaping factor of solidarity 
and collaboration relations between commoners.

12.03.2021 7pm-8pm 
Unsettling the Universal: Really Useful Commoning
by Dubravka Sekulic

Feminism, reminds us Lola Olufemi “is a political project of what could 
be.” Commons can be understood along similar lines. Both have to be 
understood as verbs, concepts that do, unsettle and transform, ways we 
are in the world. Thinking at the intersection between digital and 
urban, in my talk I will propose a reading of the public library as an 
important node in the feminist and commoning consciousness raising 

13.03.2021 7pm-8pm 
Variations of Gender and Technology Trouble
by Cornelia Sollfrank

Technofeminism is based on two basic assumptions: 1) technology is not 
neutral and 2) technology is a highly gendered field. These 
presuppositions open up a field of questions, problems and related 
practices. Based on selected positions in theory and practice, the talk 
exemplifies some of the tensions and openings from which to rethink ways 
of encountering the current technopolitical crisis. Commoning here 
serves as a framework for the process of vision and implementation, of 
experimentation and evaluation, of responding to the contemporary 
condition by creating new forms, formats and formations and questioning 
them again.

Next week will continue with another lecture series on "Commoning 
education" with Femke Snelting, Jara Rocha & Martino Morandi, Gregoire 
Rousseau and Nora Sternfeld, Marcell Mars.


Research project on digital commoning practices,
© 2020 / Station of Commons.

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