[spectre] Click Tracker online workshop - 05.06.21 at 2:30 PM

João Pais CT jmmmp at posteo.de
Thu May 6 20:08:05 CEST 2021

Dear Spectre,

The Arte No Tempo association is organizing soon a free online workshop 
where I will show how to use my software Click Tracker. This will take 
place on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 2:30 PM (Portuguese time).

For more information see the official event in Facebook 
https://www.facebook.com/events/835128177095754/ , and if you want to 
take part don't forget to fill in the subscription form at 

The Click Tracker assists with the composition, preparation/study and 
performance of musical works with some metric complexity; or to 
synchronize with electronic or visual medium.

The original software is available at http://j.mp/click-tracker, 
<https://bit.ly/clicktracker-playstore> and on facebook - 

With best regards,

João Pais
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