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dear joana,

thank you for sending this very inspiring project description!

i look forward to updates - and to future results of thinking 
collaboratively about this dimension of how each of us lives...

although i know, i was still shocked just now to see the difference 
[x16] between flying and taking the train, e.g. berlin-vienna:

1000 km: train = 0.0045 t/co2; air = 0.07



Am 30.09.21 um 11:21 schrieb Joana Moll:
> Dear all, (apologies for cross-posting)
> I'm happy to announce *16/2017*, a new project that forces "Centre 
> d’Arts Santa Mònica", a major art center in Barcelona, to cut its energy 
> use by 50% during 4 months. Or in other words: to radically limit the 
> use of air conditioning, lights and flights among other variables.
> 16/2017 is named after a law approved by the government of Catalonia in 
> 2017, which, among other things, obliges the government to work with 
> carbon budgets in order to halve its Co2 emissions by 2030, as stated in 
> the Paris Agreement. Unfortunately, the Catalan government is 
> substantially delaying the application of these measures, or in other 
> words, the law is currently not being applied. Therefore, the artist has 
> proposed to the Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica to reduce its energy 
> expenditure by 50% during the four months-long exhibition "Exposar · No 
> exposar-se · Exposar-se · No exposar" . Thus, the museum will have to 
> define a self-energy regulation mechanism to avoid exceeding the budget 
> during the length of the exhibition. Or in other words, all the actors 
> involved in the exhibition project will have to negotiate new methods of 
> social interaction to stick to the energy budget.
> To achieve this goal, we have set up weekly meetings to negotiate and 
> define the energy budget of the exhibition, and correct its possible 
> deviations. These meetings are open to the public, the members of the 
> management team of the museum, and all those agents involved with the 
> exhibition. The piece is also built around a mural graph that will be 
> filled in according to the weekly meetings and their agreements. This 
> graph will indicate the energy expenditure agreed during the weekly 
> negotiations, such as how many hours the building’s air conditioning 
> will work or the number of hours that the exhibition lights will be 
> turned on, among other variables.
> In a context of climate emergency, where the scarcity of resources will 
> intensify in the coming decades, elaborating proposals capable of 
> articulating human activities around limited energy resources, is a 
> necessary exercise to favor new cultural rituals which are more 
> consistent with our contemporary climatic conditions.
> Full PR here: https://janavirgin.com/PR/16_2017_premsa_en.pdf 
> <https://janavirgin.com/PR/16_2017_premsa_en.pdf>
> Exhibition site: 
> https://artssantamonica.gencat.cat/en/detall/Exposar-No-exposar-se-Exposar-se-No-exposar 
> Best wishes,
> Joana Moll
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