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*Radio Web MACBA <https://rwm.macba.cat/en> - Most listened podcasts
September 2021*

*1 - Marie Hélène Pereira
<https://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia-337-raw-material-company>: “In the
last 5 or 6 years there’s been a crazy boom in the use of decolonial,
postcolonial, anticolonial, etc. and we have also been very aware of that
when it started, so we started to develop a new terminology in order to not
inscribe ourselves in to this trend. Because the thing is... what we tend
to see is every time you have a text that says decolonial… its given
attention and it might not necessarily be as relevant as you would think it

In this conversation, Marie Hélène Pereira and Fatima Bintou Rassoul Sy—two
key members of Raw Material Company—discuss a situated feminist and
decolonial practice that focuses on doing rather than enunciating and
categorizing. They share some of their experiences and talk about the
strategies they use to create rich forms of dialogue and to negotiate the
tensions and the ideological and economic constraints imposed through the
still-colonial structures of the so-called global North. Actions that can
be as small as opening up a space in which to be together, to unlearn and
rethink the emancipatory possibilities that art can offer society.

Link: https://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia-337-raw-material-company

*2- Luz Pichel:  <https://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia-335-luz-pichel>“Yo
no sabía que tenía una lengua hasta que esa lengua me dolió. Dolía cuando
veías que la maestra, que era la autoridad, y el cura, que era la otra
autoridad, hablaban castellano. Y nosotros, los campesinos, los de abajo,
hablábamos gallego. Naces asociando tu lengua a un concepto de clase.”
(only available in Spanish)*

In this podcast we talk to Luz Pichel about languages that ache in the body
and about the poetry that returns this pain to the world in the form of a
challenge. Between readings of her poems and first-person stories, we
reflect on the margins of voice and language, the class conflict that
Spanish-Galician “Castrapo” reveals, the danger of giving voice to the
voiceless, Galician migration, and the displaced status of writers.
Link: https://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia-335-luz-pichel

*3- Chris Culter:
<https://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/probes-302-auxiliaries> PROBES #30.2.

In PROBES #30.2 we take a stroll through music made  (variously) with
water, stones, stage props, ice, snow, stalactites, Tesla coils, sand
dunes, leaves, flowers, grass, twigs, glass and a coffee can.

Link: https://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/probes-302-auxiliaries

*4- Cabello/Carceller:
cuerpos políticos en sí mismos. Y son cuerpos en peligro. Constantemente
estás notando el odio del poder hacia ti. Son cuerpos con los que estás
haciendo política te guste o no porque los demás están haciendo política en
ti también. Y igual a cómo los cuerpos racializados se enfrentan
socialmente a la convivencia." (only available in Spanish) *
In FONS AUDIO #52 Cabello/Carceller talk about their two works in the MACBA
Collection: 'I Don't Care about Your Gaze Anymore' (February 1994) and 'A/O
(The Céspedes Case)' (July 2009-July 2010). Through them, they reflect on
blurred identities, on the diverse possibilities of genders and on the need
to create new representations that disrupt the traditional patterns
structuring our gaze. They also invite us to reclaim subjectivities that
history has systematically erased from its pages.

Link: https://rwm.macba.cat/en/specials/fons-audio-52-cabellocarceller

5- *Mark Fisher:
<https://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia-148-mark-fisher-mark-fisher> "As a
result of the decomposition of older forms of solidarity, people are made
to be increasingly responsible for themselves, or made to feel as if they
are responsible for themselves. In the UK now, the complaint that’s most
treated by the National Health Service is depression. Depression is a
political problem."*

This podcast is the result of a conversation with Mark Fisher
<https://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia-148-mark-fisher-mark-fisher>in 2012
on crisis, insurrection, and the dangerous idea of capitalism as the only
conceivable container.

Link: https://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia-148-mark-fisher-mark-fisher

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