[spectre] CASTING COLLABORATORS for Reasons to Scream, an Audio-Film

Juli Saragosa juli at jsaragosa.de
Fri Sep 10 11:54:39 CEST 2021

CASTING COLLABORATORS for Reasons to Scream, an Audio-Film

Set in the near future, a queer feminist collective uses the power of 
their unified voices to disarm sexual predators.

Seeking (experienced or inexperienced) voice-actors, poets, artists, 
performers, etc. who are interested in and dedicated to a collaborative 
process of:
a) developing their own (not culturally appropriated) character; 
b) working together on writing the script (for which a storyline already 
exists) and;
c) performing their character for the audio-recording of this unusual 

This audio-film attempts to deconstruct some hierarchies of filmmaking 
that enable sexual violence - the image-sound relationship and its part 
in the Gaze, as well as those of film production itself.

A collective of 8 reluctant superhero*ines with the common struggle of 
living under threat of sexual and/or gender-based violence. They are 
witches, scientists, tech geeks, activists, musicians, artists, 
bodyworkers, sexworkers, and other practitioners. Their range of 
experiences of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, racialization, economic and 
educational class, religion, spirituality, culture, immigration, 
incarceration, colonization, language, physical and neurological 
ability, age, and personality causes clashes and conflict as they 
negotiate and try to come to consensus in their aim of disrupting toxic 

early Oct: casting
Oct-Mar: 12x 4-hr scriptwriting sessions
April: 6 days rehearsals and recording

This is an arts-funded project with a fixed fee for collaborators, paid 
out by invoice. For safety and accessibility, much of the work will 
occur online. The rehearsals and recording will be held in a Berlin 
studio with a wheelchair-accessible toilet, elevator, and full+extra 
Covid safety measures in place. If you’re inspired and would like to 
find out more, please write to me by Sept. 18th: juli at jsaragosa.de

Juli Saragosa (n.p./she/they)
<filmmaker / sound designer>
+49 (0) 176 8538 1058
IG: @juli.saragosa

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