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Presentations of the new transversal book "Ungefüge"

with author Gerald Raunig

16 November, BOCHUM, 18.00: Institut für Theaterwissenschaft, Ruhr-Universität

17 November, KÖLN, 19.00: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, with Phil Collins and Stefano Harney

19 November, BERLIN, 20.30: Pro qm, with Isabell Lorey

06 December, ZÜRICH, 18.00: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, in the framework of senseABILITIES

Ungefüge (English: Dissemblage) unfolds a wild abundance of disobedience—from the multilingual translation machines of al-Andalus and queer mysticisms of the High Middle Ages, through minor voices of twentieth-century jazz and soul, up to contemporary disjointures and subjunctures against the smooth city of the cipher in machinic capitalism. Following DIVIDUUM (2015), Gerald Raunig presents the book as the second volume of his Machinic Capitalism and Molecular Revolution series.

Ungefüge develops a conceptual ecology of notions of jointing and joining, of disposability and unruliness. It also undertakes an experiment in theoretical form. Semi-fiction is interwoven with meticulously researched historical sources, mystical writings with letters to and from friends, philosophical fragments with poetic ritornellos. More than a narrative about the dissemblages of social environments, thing-worlds and ghost-worlds, the book itself is a dividual multiplicity in form and content, out of joint, in the joints, dissemblage.


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