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Fri Feb 25 14:36:15 CET 2022

*April 5, 2021*

*April 21, 2021*

Dear Andreas, and everyone else, I hope you are well... Nice to see that
you still can keep this unruly flock to toe the red line.... :))))

I hope you will enjoy the links. I do not approve or disapprove of the Cato
Institute, I just find their writing very telling of a US mindset and liked
the fact that these opinions were voiced almost a year ago.

This clarification is in case someone would want to accuse me of being a
puppet or client of the Cato Institute. By the way, to be a client one
should have been paid something. Unfortunately, I haven't. :))))) (For
those who might misunderstand, I would like to alert you to the fact that
this paragraph is a sarcasm, including the present disclaimer.)

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*Tools for Catching Clouds*
*Preferring Sinking to Surrender*, Part I

*Preferring Sinking to Surrender*, Part II
*Sacred Waters*
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On Fri, Feb 25, 2022 at 1:50 PM Andreas Broeckmann <ab at mikro.in-berlin.de>

> folks,
> please, refrain from personal insults; it's one of the "red lines" that
> this co-moderator and co-list-owner draws.
> best regards,
> -a
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