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Dear Spectrites,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to our next LASER Paris on March 31st
2022 starting at 7 pm at the Cité Internationale des Arts and featuring
Marcus Neustetter, Laurent Karst and Filippo Fabbri.

Looking forward seeing you there
(it will be video recorded but no live stream)
All detailed info below
Best Regards

Annick Bureaud


*Rencontre LASER Paris*

*Thursday March 31st 2022*

*Cité internationale des arts*


*18 rue de l'Hôtel de Ville*

*75004 Paris*

19h00 - 21h30


*with **Marcus Neustetter ; Laurent Karst et Filippo Fabbri (Percept-Lab)*

between a dialogue with a dysfunctionnal satellite and a poetic
reinterpretation of a Galileo experiment, this LASER Meeting conjugates the
verbs observe, experiment, interpret, understand, share, feel in the field
of both art and science.

Free admission in the limit of available seats, registration required (

*COVID 19 sanitary measures of the day*

and we start on time!

*LASER Paris takes place in French but Marcus Neustetter presentation is in
English (not translated).*

*PopUp Exhibition* by Marcus Neustetter, mostly *Lead the Way Again *
*SumbandilaSat* that has been sent to the International Space Station in
February 2022 with the Moon Gallery before reaching the Moon in 2024.

*Drinks and snacks* after the presentations

(COVID 19 situation permitting)

Audience *announcements* during the break (with registration)


*> **Marcus Neustetter, *Artist (South Africa and Austia) //
*"**Seeking Dialogue and Unfolding Meaning"* about *Sutherland
Reflections* et *Lead the Way Again SumbandilaSat *projects.

>From abstract telescope collaborations at the Sutherland Observatory in
South Africa to attempted conversations with a dysfunctional satellite
*SumbandilaSat* - exploring these tools for scientific pursuit has served
both the creative process and the quest for sense-making in his artistic
journey. His presentation touches on moments of two 10-year projects,
highlighting the artistic strategies of social engagement and
experimentation for meaning and local relevance to unfold.

Started in 2009, *Sutherland Reflections *is a project that included
collaborations with archeologists and astronomers in the heart of the
Karoo, a semi-desert in central Southern Africa and home to the Southern
African Large Telescope and an array of international observatories. It sought
to create connections to the publicly unacknowledged history of the early
inhabitants of the area and to highlight the loss of expression in the
current communities identities through the persistent oppression before,
during and after the Apartheid regime. This project evolved into bridging
art and science for social good through temporary and permanent public
artworks and events.

*Lead the Way Again SumbandilaSat*

Before a solar storm in 2011 that damaged the onboard computer, Neustetter
was receiving images and creating artworks from the vantage point of South
African micro earth observation satellite *SumbandilaSat*. But since the
damage, he has only been able to track the satellite. This has resulted in
a series of artworks in attempts to both reach out and to visualise what
Sumbandila’s perspective and encounters might be. In Venda language,
Sumdandila means "Lead the Way".

*>* Percept-Lab : *Laurent Karst *Architect and designer et *Filippo Fabbri*,
Associate profession at the University Paris-Saclay, composer // about the
project *Le Chant Gravitationnel. Un hommage à Galilée*

Observing, experimenting, interpreting, understanding, feeling: all verbs
and actions that belong as much to the field of science as to that of art.
Based on a centuries-old experience, the installation *Le Chant
Gravitationnel *[The Gravitational Song], also inscribed in several aspects
of Filippo Fabbri's current scientific research, crosses methodologies and

Le Chant Gravitationnel is a visual and sound installation based on a
poetic and sensory transposition of Galileo's work carried out in 1624,
based on an experiment demonstrating the principle of the acceleration of
bodies linked to gravitational fields.

The artistic installation provides the visitor with a sensory, visual and
sound experience in perpetual metamorphosis, capable of making this
phenomenon physically felt. Gravity is one of the four fundamental
interactions that govern the Universe. *Le chant gravitationnel* offers a
poetic perception of this phenomenon, which conditions all forms of life in
our world and which is at the origin of the very functioning of nature and
the cosmos.

> *Moderator :* Annick Bureaud

> *Drinks and snacks* after the presentations (COVID 19 situation

> Audience *announcements* during the break (with registration)

Programme created by Leonardo/ISAST (www.leonardo.info), LASER (Leonardo
Art Science Evening Rendez-vous, www.leonardo.info/laser) is a sharing of
experiences around art-science projects in semi-formal meetings, outside
the institutional framework.

LASER Paris is co-organized by Leonardo/Olats and La Diagonale Paris-Saclay
(http://www.ladiagonale-paris-saclay.fr), in partnership with the Cité
internationale des arts (https://www.citedesartsparis.net/, the TEAMeD
Research Team (https://teamed.univ-paris8.fr/) of the University of Paris 8
Vincennes-Saint-Denis and the ArTeC University Research School (
https://eur-artec.fr/), with the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso
Foundation (https://www.fondationcarasso.org/) and the program Investissements

It received the sponsoring of ITACCUS, the Technical Committee on the
Cultural Utilisation of Space of the International Astronautical Federation.
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