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*** Processing Community Day 2023 (PCD23)*

*14 February 2023 – Porto, Portugal.*
https://pcd.fba.up.pt/ <https://pcd.fba.up.pt/2021/#call>

PCD is a free and open-participation event. It aims to promote Creative
Computation and Computational Thinking in the Arts and Design.

We welcome all international community interested to join us at the Faculty
of Fine Arts of the University of Porto
<https://sigarra.up.pt/fbaup/en/WEB_PAGE.INICIAL> – Portugal on 14 February

The program will feature a keynote conference, an online exhibition
(resulting from this call for works), and a set of beginner and
intermediate-level warm-up workshops, on different creative coding topics
and technologies, and a round table about computation in education.

*** RECODE Call for Works*

Submission deadline: Sunday, 15 January 2023.

We are calling out to you - artist, academic, researcher, professional,
creator – to submit individual or collective artworks that explore the idea

RECODECODE as a field of experimentation
CORECODERE as a learning process
CODERECODE as way to expand communication

Besides these general paths, we highly encourage creative ways of looking
and interpreting the notion of RECODE.

RECODE has admitted a resonance of the culture of the creative coding
community as a plural movement of interpretation, reclaim, revisitation
and/or resignification of artworks and fundamental practices of early
computer graphics and art and its subsequent works through the usage of
contemporary media, tools and technologies.

As an active field of experimentation, RECODE interpretations and practices
has enabled not only taking forward the reflective/artistic thinking on
such early projects, but also encouraging a contemporary creative culture
based on shared knowledge in community.

>From a cultural perspective, RECODE brings us closer to the challenges
provoked by the contexts of techno-cultural convergences and media
remediations. Among them, we can refer to the challenge of thinking about
the heritage and the destiny of what we produce today, as well as about the
forms of communication that these actions may trigger for the future of
media in society.

The selected works will be part of an online exhibition at the PCD23 at Porto.

*** **See all the requirements at pcd.fba.up.pt
<https://pcd.fba.up.pt/2023> and submit your proposal

Stay tuned: @pcdporto <https://www.instagram.com/pcdporto/>
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