[spectre] FINAL WEEK: Call for applications: Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB), deadline 10 May

Michael Murtaugh mm at automatist.org
Tue May 2 11:21:50 CEST 2023

--- *

LAST WEEK! Final deadline for applications: May 10 🔥💻
*Sorry for cross posting, please circulate. *


*Calling all *businesses deciding cyber-decolonial //galleries//, 
librarians portraying transparent //image boards//, hackers uploading 
organic //feeds//, hipsters reading occasional //tapes//, book binders 
provoking proprietary //operating systems//, stenographers interrupting 
ex-digital //finance//, shareholders dancing crypto //books//, 
regulators screening top-down //games//, infiltrators feeling bootleg 
//emails//, AI conspiring extra-inclusive //vinyls//, developers 
building retro-binary //codex//, governments tweeting DIY //wikis//, 
preachers shouting on uni-feminist //spam//, CEOs listening to 
proto-capitalist //maps//, celebrities bragging about epi-closed source 
//databases//, families hiding bottom-up //theatre//, impatient people 
questioning semi-horizontal //feels//, children singing homebrew 
//traditions//, teachers writing plaintext //posters//, photographers 
delivering infra-DIWO //porn//, whistleblowers dealing post-compressed 
//newspapers//, managers dictating co-craft //PDFs//, collectives 
leaking avant-anarcho-communist //records//, media running 
micro-version-controlled //food//, actors echoing online //canvases//

Applications deadlines:

March 7, 2023 (non-EU)
     May 10, 2023 (EU)


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