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Fri Nov 10 14:38:34 CET 2023

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

70! We have 70 of them. A little bit more even as some have 
both an English and a French version.

For the first time, we offer the articles from the various 
activities of Leonardo/Olats in the field of space art, 
culture and science regrouped all together.


Since its creation in 1997, a large part of Leonardo/Olats’s 
activity focused on artistic creation in relation with 
extraterrestrial space (astronomy and astronautics), mainly 
through workshops, symposia and conferences.

Out of this came a substantial set of texts that we provide 
here, listed in alphabetical order of authors. Very soon, it 
will also be possible to find them listed in their 
respective events in a fully renovated Space Art and Science 
section and as downloadable Pdfs.

Worth reading or re-reading them as we are witnessing a new 
approach to the Human presence in extra-terrestrial space 
and welcoming new generations of researchers, theoreticians 
and artists.


All the Best

Annick Bureaud
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