[spectre] Fwd: CFP: POM Aachen 2024: Lifelikeness & beyond (deadline 4 December)

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Mon Nov 20 07:59:05 CET 2023

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POM Aachen 2024
Politics of the Machines
Lifelikeness & beyond


RWTH Aachen University
Käte Hamburger Kolleg: Cultures of Research (c:o/re).
April 22-26, 2024

Deadline 4 December 2023


1 Holistic life of the machine – The machinic beyond – What is it like 
to be a machine?

2 Artificial Entities, Contemporary Archetypes and Model Organisms

3 Body Imaginations

4 Organize!

5 Models of Life – Models of Research

6 Vulnerability and Caring: Perspectives and Challenges

7 Shifting Cosmologies: More Than Human XR

8 In/Different Imaginaries: Parasites and the Politics of Relations

9 Worlds of Camouflage: Environment, Technique, Response-ability

10 Environmental Attunement as a Strategy for Ecological Engagement

11 Death, degrowth, and finitude in the age of the lifelike

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