[spectre] Timo Kahlen: BEWARE ! Opening at RUINE DER KÜNSTE BERLIN (Ruin of the Arts Berlin), Sunday 19 May 2024

Timo Kahlen mail at timo-kahlen.de
Fri May 10 13:44:25 CEST 2024

Dear friends, artists & inquisitive minds!

A cordial invitation to the opening
of the sound art / AI exhibition "Timo Kahlen: BEWARE !"
at the Ruine der Künste Berlin
Hittorfstr. 5, 14195 Berlin (U3 Free University / Thielplatz)
on Sunday, 19 May 2024 from 3 - 6 pm

B E W A R E ! Caution ! Things are not always as they seem. The future is not as certain as we hope. Art is less predictable than expected. The ruin more tangible than expected.

Timo Kahlen presents three new sound works - between material massiveness and fleeting idea. Let us surprise you. 

Exhibition from 19 May to 16 June. Open every Sunday from 3 - 6 pm (and by appointment). Admission is free.

image: Timo Kahlen. Sketch for "BEWARE", 2010-2024 © Timo Kahlen VG Bild-Kunst. Further works in the exhibition: "Sound without Sound", AI-generated sound events (Timo Kahlen in dialogue with Chat GPT, January 2024) and "Flicker", 2024, sound composition for the ceiling of the Ruine der Künste Berlin.

I am on site. Work in progress.
With best regards
Timo Kahlen

Sound sculptor / media artist.
Appointments at mail at timo-kahlen.de <mailto:mail at timo-kahlen.de>
Website: www.timo-kahlen.de <http://www.timo-kahlen.de/>
Interview (German): "Timo Kahlens Konzeption haptischer Klänge: Wahrnehmungsfallen" auf Deutschlandfunk Kultur
https://www.deutschlandfunkkultur.de/timo-kahlens-haptische-klangskulpturen-flauschige-objekte-100.html <https://www.deutschlandfunkkultur.de/timo-kahlens-haptische-klangskulpturen-flauschige-objekte-100.html>
Interactive net and sound art: "Re-Play: 21 'vanished‘ works of net art by Timo Kahlen"
www.staubrauschen.de/re-play/ <http://www.staubrauschen.de/re-play/> for MacOS X and Windows

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