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1 /// a mere 50 days to go: WOS3
2 /// what it is about
3 /// a new web site for the conference
4 /// online registration available

1 /// a mere 50 days away: WOS3

A mere 50 days from now, "Wizards of OS 3 -- The Future of the 
Digital Commons" [1] will open its doors at the Berlin Congress 
Center [2].

For three full days, participants from all over the world will meet 
in Berlin to discuss how digital networks can be the foundation of a 
free digital commons - and how all of us can contribute to this goal.

Digital commons, Free Software, free networks, open archives and so 
much more - those are the buzzwords all of you on this list know all 
too well. But behind every one of those buzzwords, there are people 
and ideas going to gather and converge during WOS3.

2 /// what it is about

There's a lot to tell you about these people and ideas already.

Eben Moglen, Professor of Law & Legal History at Columbia Law School 
and General Counsel for the Free Software Foundation, will kick off 
the conference with his keynote address, "'Die Gedanken Sind Frei': 
Free Software and the Struggle for Free Thought". From him, we will 
certainly hear a lot of inspiring thoughts on what the Free Software 
revolution means to the struggle for the freedom of culture and 
society in general.

Lawrence Lessig of Stanford's Center for Internet and Society will 
introduce Creative Commons licenses for Germany. They will open an 
easy road for creative spirits to letting others benefit from their 
creations - no matter whether they are writers, musicians, or film 
makers. This will be a big step toward a strong public domain in this 
country. Lessig will be joined by Ronaldo Lemos of Creative Commons 
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, and Till Jaeger of the German Institute for 
Legal Aspects of Free and Open Source Software.

Program developers, artists, scientists, activists, and politicians 
from all over the world will present and discuss projects furthering 
free culture, software, archives and networks. Among them Samyeer 
Metrani (in charge of software for the Simputer, Bangalore, India), 
Ethan Zuckerman (Founder of Geekcorps, Boston), Federico Heinz (co-
founder of the Vía Libre Foundation, Córdoba, Argentina), Veni 
Markovski (Chairman of the Board, Internet Society Bulgaria, Sofia) 
and Hong Feng (president of RON's Datacom Co., Ltd., Wuhan, China).

This list could be continued, but it is only meant to serve as a 
glimpse into the wide spectrum of projects included in WOS3. Current 
developments, new speaker commitments and other details will appear 
on the web site as soon as they happen. The lists of panels [4] and 
speakers [5] is updated continuously.

3 /// a new web site for the conference

In any case it is a good idea to have a look at the conference web 
site to get an overview of the program, speakers, workshops and 
panels. Right now, you'll encounter some blank spaces, but as the 
start of the conference approaches, we'll keep filling them in with 
confirmations, round off the panels and participants' bios and 
presentation materials.

This newsletter will serve as a little reminder for you that it's 
worthwhile to check out the site once in a while. In order not to 
clog your - certainly already on the verge of bursting - inbox, we'll 
keep it to bi-monthly. We hope this is enough to keep you up to date 
and rare enough not to court your resentment ;)

4 /// online registration available

Online registration for participants [6] is already available - 
please get the word out!


So much for now. Please direct your remarks, criticism and other 
requests concerning this newsletter to Matthias Spielkamp 
(mailto:m.spielkamp at wizards-of-os.org).

"Wir sehen uns in Berlin!"
See you in Berlin!


[1] http://wizards-of-os.org/
[2] http://www.bcc-berlin.de/en/
[3] http://wizards-of-os.org/index.php?id=705&L=3
[4] http://wizards-of-os.org/index.php?id=60&L=3
[5] http://wizards-of-os.org/index.php?id=57&L=3
[6] http://wizards-of-os.org/index.php?id=91&L=3

   Wizards of OS 3, 10-12 June 2004
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