[buug-l] deb's mit gleichen Dateien

Werner Heuser wehe at mobilix.org
Thu Jun 26 01:00:13 CEST 2003

> Was passiert wenn in einem Debian-Paket 'xxx.deb' eine Datei
> '/path/to/file' enthalten ist und in einem anderen Debian-Paket
> 'yyy.deb' ebenfalls die Datei '/path/to/file' enthalten ist?

Aus der Debian-Policy:

7.5.1. Overwriting files in other packages

     Firstly, as mentioned before, it is usually an error for a package to
     contain files which are on the system in another package.

     However, if the overwriting package declares that it `Replaces' the
     one containing the file being overwritten, then `dpkg' will replace
     the file from the old package with that from the new.  The file will
     no longer be listed as "owned" by the old package.


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