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[Remembering, Repressing, Forgetting] 
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/ <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/> 
global networking project by Agricola de Cologne 
is proud to include on occasion of its participation in 
404 - International Electronic Art Festival Rosario/Argentina 
7-12 December 2004 
www.404festival.com.ar <http://www.404festival.com.ar> 
following new contributions to 
1) VideoChannel (Memory Channel No. 5) 
curatorial contribution by Won-Kon Yi (Seoul/South Korea) 
[Born in Daegu(South Korea) 1956. MFA from Seoul National Univ & Tsukuba University(JAPAN)
Artist/critics/independent curator
Associate Professor of Dankook University(South Korea)
Member of Editorial Advisory Board of the international journal "technoetic arts"(edited by Roy Ascott) ]
featuring 5 Korean artists 
Hae-Min Kim, Chang-Kyum Kim, 
Ji-Hyun Kim, Oliver Griem, YI, Won-Kon 
This is the 11th curatorial contribution in addition to those 10 already existing 
from Romania, Sweden, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Chile, Spain and Israel 
VideoChannel can be also accessed directly via 
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/vchannel.htm <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/vchannel.htm> 
www.le-musee-divisioniste.org/mediacentre/ <http://www.le-musee-divisioniste.org/mediacentre/> 
2. Violence Channel (Memory Channel No.2) 
a) gender (f) net based project by Deb King (USA) 
gender[f] addresses issues of gender, racial and economic biases resulting
in systemic violence against women and minorities. 
This project arises from the unseemly juxtaposition of a "war on terror"
with the every day realities faced by women living in cultures that
enforce female circumcision, do not give equal value for equal work based
on cultural bias, tacitly accept violent domestic situations, use sexual
intimidation as a military tactic and fear of reprisal as a cultural
The name, gender[f], designates a programmatic function. The function -
gender - holds an unlimited, presently undefined array - [f] - the
identities, issues and/or representations of women in society. 
This work is dedicated to the the over 400 murdered and disappeared women
of Juarez who worked in the maquiladoras of Juarez. 
b) Iraq - the war & postwar period 
30 artists reflect the conditions of the post war Iraq. 
The war in Iraq is/was marked by two politicians, the political leaders of USA and UK, 
it is an example of the systemetic manipulation of public opinion. 
Babel, Andy Cox, Amanda Earl, Robert Echen, mIEKALaND, dlsan,
Darshana Vora, Astrée Galbiatta, Jamelie Hassan, Mireile Astore,
Jen Simmons & Sarah Christman,, Xavier Cahen, Giles Trendle,
Wildfire Jo, SCART, Jaqueline Heer,, CEZAR LÃZÃRESCU, Jody Zellen,
Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Pedro Inoue, Ori Kleiner, Laura Floyed, 
Susan Bowen, David Cheung, Rheim Alkadhi, Jordons Francisco
Anna Krenz, Peter Gander, Michael Takeo Magruder, Caitlin Masley 
The project can be also accessed directly via 
www.newmediafest.org/iraq.htm <http://www.newmediafest.org/iraq.htm> 
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004 <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004> 
is part of 
--->01. National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucaresti/Romania (5 March - 30
02. Bergen Electronic Arts Centre Bergen/Norway (5 March - 28 March)
03. New Media Art Festival Bangkok (Thailand) (20-28 March)
04. Now Music Streaming Festival Berlin (Germany)- - 7 April
05. Version'04 Festival - Invisible Networks - Chicago/USA - 16 April-01
06. Electronic Art Meeting - PEAM 2004 - Pescara (Italy) 19-23 May
07. BASICS Festival Salzburg/Austria - 8-16 May 2004 -
21-24 June
09. International Festival of New Film and New Media Split/Croatia (26
June-2 July)
10. public_space_festival Yerewan/Armenia 23 July - 03 August
11. West Coast Numusic & Electronic Arts Festival Stavanger/Norway 17-22
12. Biennale of Electronic Art Perth (Australia) (1 September - 7
November )
13. 24h of Nuremberg/Germany -
International Shortfilm Festival 15/16 October
14. 1st International Exhibition of Digital Art - Orilla'04 -
Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Fe/Argentina (04 November - 04
15. FILE - Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo/Brazil (23 November-12 
16. 404 Electronic Art Festival Rosario/Argentina (7-15 December) 
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