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Why celebrate Christmas with family if you can do so with cut.up.magazine?
The fourth edition is now online on http://www.cut-up.com.

In English: Heiko Hansen describes the search for the elementary core of
Russian Babuschka’s.

In Dutch: Theo Ploeg interviews Peter Gijselaars of Dirt Crew, Break3000 and
the dance-recordshop Sirius in Maastricht; Alexis Vos desscribes the Dutch
TV-moment of 2004; Franziska Martinsen talks to the three trombonists of the
Swiss project GoingPublik about musical scores, sattelites and wearable
computing; and Xander van Aart offers us a report of his last experiences in
Las Vegas.

The astonishing images are by Frank Kloos and John Klijnen.

And, of course, reviews: Sound & the City, Playful:Japan, Oddpop, Psychon
and the Berlin debate on Theo van Gogh.

Praise, critique, ideas, contributions? Go for it:

editorial staff 
info at cut-up.com
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2000 AH Haarlem
the Netherlands

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