[rohrpost] Maxwell City – an artistic investigation into the electromagnetic urban environment

cornelia sollfrank cornelia at snafu.de
Son Mar 18 18:30:58 CET 2007

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 > Maxwell City
 > an artistic investigation into the electromagnetic urban environment
 > Two consecutive workshops:
 > Workshop I  Wednesday  9th of May - Saturday 12th of May 2007
 > Workshop II Wednesday 30th of May - Saturday 2nd of June 2007
 > Where: Atelier Nord Lakkegata 55D N-0817 Oslo
 > Directors: Erich Berger and Martin Howse
 > Guest: Armin Medosch
 > Participation is free of charge
 > Application deadline Friday 13th of April
 > Send application for participation with CV to sense at anart.no
 > Further information: http://anart.no/projects/maxwell-city/
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 > In 1864 the English physicist James Clerk Maxwell presented
 > a set of mathematical equations to the Royal Society. These
 > equations which are now known as Maxwell.s equations describe
 > the behaviour of electric and magnetic fields and their interaction
 > with matter - electromagnetism. Maxwell showed that his equations
 > predict waves of oscillating electric and magnetic fields that
 > travel through empty space - electromagnetic waves.
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 > Almost 150 years later, the practical applications of Maxwell.s
 > mathematics are deeply and indispensably entwined with our everyday
 > lives. Radio, Television, Mobile phones or wireless networks, all are
 > based on wireless data and information transmission utilizing
 > electromagnetic radiation as a medium. Every wire, cable and
 > electrical
 > device leaks electromagnetic waves during operation.
 > The electromagnetic spectrum which is the range of all possible
 > electromagnetic radiation is a hotly fought over private, commercial
 > and political territory.
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 > Every city with its uncountable electric facilities, devices, senders
 > and receivers has an unknown and invisible man-made twin; the Maxwell
 > City. It is an alien kind of architecture and landscape composed from
 > the electromagnetic emissions of its substantial sibling; a truly
 > spectral double resonating across bodies, vehicles and an  
 > of embedded conduction.
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 > Maxwell City is an artistic investigation into electromagnetic
 > substance within the city of Oslo and its surroundings. Naturally
 > these investigations will happen in the city itself, including
 > possible originating artworks, situations or interventions. Short
 > lectures, presentations and discussions within the group will provide
 > the workshops with the necessary theoretical and practical
 > background. Maxwell City is interested in both the theory and praxis
 > of electromagnetic waves, politics of technology and the
 > electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic waves as artistic material,
 > artistic strategies in the urban environment, invisible and alternate
 > realities and how to make these perceptible.
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 > Participating artists do not need to have practical or
 > theoretical knowledge about the electromagnetic spectrum.
 > They need to bring a keen interest to work as a group with
 > unusual artistic material within the urban environment.
 > As the workshops build upon each other it is preferable to
 > participate in both workshops.
 > Further information about the workshop, the content
 > and the directors is available at:
 > http://anart.no/projects/maxwell-city/
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 > The workshop is produced by Atelier Nord
 > Lakkegata 55D N-0187 Oslo
 > Phone: +47 23060880
 > Fax: +47 23060884
 > E-mail: office at anart.no