[rohrpost] Excursion to Reichstag: Who's not Afraid of Black, Red and Gold?

Matze Schmidt matze.schmidt at n0name.de
Don Mar 29 17:23:08 CEST 2007

Saturday, 31.03., 14:00

NEW! date

Excursion to Reichstag with Dr. Matze Schmidt

Meeting Point: Front Entrance Stairs, Platz der Republik
Duration: approx. 30 min. (plus waiting in line)
Contact: matze.schmidt(at)n0name.de

Who's not Afraid of Black, Red and Gold?

We'll have to wait for a while with the "serpent" of the masses who
take it to be true, that a stylish Barnett Newman[1] in the hall can
angle you through the enlightened darkness of this new National Gallery
of non-power.
Parliament Security Check-in Tip: Please don't bring any knifes.
"Whoever does not yet understand it must pay for it!"
[1] In fact Gerhard Richter's "Schwarz Rot Gold" from 1999
http://www.bundestag.de/htdocs_e/info/symbols/index.html) and not 
Newman's "Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue IV"
which was the target in 1982

Deutscher Bundestag

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Weekend on National Character of Geometric Abstraction
Friday, 30.03. + Saturday, 31.03.2007