[rohrpost] Roy Kammera is dead!

Till Nikolaus von Heiseler till.n.v.heiseler at googlemail.com
Die Aug 26 14:09:53 CEST 2008

Roy Kammera ist gestorben. Er war internationaler Journalist. Viele
kannten ihn.

Ich habe mich gerade mit Matt Moore von AP (associated press)
Frankfurt and Berlin unterhalten. Wir suchen Angehörige in Europa oder
den USA.

Roy Kammerer died about on the 6th or 7th, he has been found death in
his apartment on the 19th of August. Matt has asked for Information
about his family weather in Germany or in the US. If nobody can be
found within 3 days who can claim his body,  he will be buried
anonymously by the city of Berlin.

Please, if anybody has any information about Roy's family please let
us know or call Matt directly under 01702215140.

rico weiser und till nikolaus von heiseler

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