[rohrpost] March 26th 8PM: xxxxx_micro_research [Berlin] salon: scrying

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Die Mar 24 20:48:31 CET 2009

xxxxx_micro research salons on the last Thursday of each month (and
occasional other dates) for local and international researchers to
gather to discuss common research themes and endeavour.


March 26th 8PM: scrying salon [with Martin Howse]

April 23rd 8PM: ALMAProject. Fata Morgana and Other Optical
Phenomenons [with Connie Mendoza]


March 26th 8PM: scrying salon [with Martin Howse]

Here the vulgar eye will see nothing but Obscurity and will despair

Scrying is a technique of divination and revelation, of producing
visions, perhaps of the future, through prolonged gaze at an object,
usually of crystal or liquid nature. Scrying was famously practiced by
the 16th century astronomer, mathematician and alchemist John Dee with
the assistance of presumed impostor Edward Kelley, using a mirror of
obsidian amongst other devices.

The scrying project presents a generic, modular platform for artists
and theorists working with both code and electromagnetic phenomena. Of
central concern is an intervention within often complex spectral
ecologies; for example, measurement of the strength of EM fields,
transmission and reception amongst mobile networks of devices,
large-scale intervention through the production of high field strength
emissions, mapping of intensities and blind city flaneur.

The scrying salon will open with a short presentation. Appropriate
food and drinks will be served. Free entry. RSVP.

Reference: http://www.1010.co.uk/org/scrying.html


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