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March, 10th 2013, NYC.
 A response to the statements of the Cayman Islands senior official
registrar Donnell Dixon, interviewed by the Caymanian Compass newspaper
about Loophole4All.com, a hack and leak of the Caymans Company Register
website. The full interview on Caymans newspaper:

 The video breaking news on Caymans national TV:
 On the 15th February 2013, Paolo Cirio Ltd. published Loophole4All.com,
an art project with 200,000 Caymans companies ready to be hijacked. It
generated international attention from the press, concerned locals, and
a new peculiar community of pirates of offshore businesses. 
 Paolo Cirio, spokesman for Paolo Cirio ltd., responds to the Caymans
 Mr. Dixon’s statements are false and he is scamming people. Mr. Dixon,
his colleagues, and the Caymans government sell incorporation of fake
shell companies, whose main purpose is to defraud the rest of world,
causing onshore budget deficits and ever-growing impoverishment. Mr.
Dixon’s work must be considered illegal, shameful, and "the biggest tax
scam in the world,” as the U.S. President Barack Obama described Caymans
activity in 2008.
 Mr. Dixon lies when he states that the information of companies
registered in the Caymans is public. Simple access to the list of
Caymans companies is granted only by request of a password, under legal
disclaimers and with limited search functionality. Then, for no more
detail than the names, the public must pay $35 for each additional
entity, to reveal only a mailbox address and the date of incorporation.
It would cost the public more than $7 million to get even a blurry
picture of all the bogus companies falsely based in the Caymans islands.
This “public” data is yet another fraud Mr. Dixon sells. 
 The Caymanian Compass reports that there are only 92,000 companies
registered in the Cayman Islands. However, the Loophole4all project
discovered 215,880 companies. Many of them had suspicious notes attached
to their names, showing how the Cayman Registry is nothing near an
honest, public account, but has been corrupted by multinational firms
and local lawyers. 
 Liberating information means moving data from a locked platform and
distributing it in a form that unveils and builds new knowledge. That is
why here for the first time ever, you can download the entire list of
Caymans companies:
 Now with it you can conduct your own investigations, make new art, or
whatever you want to do without the need to ask permission from Mr.
Dixon. However data is not enough. Get informed about the offshore
centers through the video documentary produced for this project:
 In response to the Bermuda concerned about being the next target
 Loophole4all won't reveal the country that it will attack next. Before
that, though, everyone is invited to shop on Loophole4All.com to
crowd-fund the next attack by the pirates of the treasure islands in the
dark international waters of legal loopholes.
 In response to the local businesses of the Cayman Islands that
 You can request to be removed from Loophole4All.com if you provide
proof that you’re an honest and real local business. However, first you
should ask for more transparency from the Caymans Registry (as someone
of you already did) to be sure that no one else could hijack your
business. As long as it's hard to verify your real information, it will
be in danger. 
 In response to the many pirates that brought and stole offshore
 We cannot confirm that you can withdraw money at offshore bank branches
using a certificate of incorporation as identification. However, it may
work as valid documentation, since the owners of the companies are
anonymous. A clarification for those who asked about the legality of the
project: to steal the identity of a Caymans company is illegal only in
the Cayman Islands, and Caymans court orders have very little
credibility abroad. Avoiding taxes by registering a company in the
Cayman Islands is legal everywhere. However, remember that hijacking
offshore business is here mainly promoted as a form of protest and not
to scam other people - that would invite the attention of the Interpol.
Having a certificate and not using it is totally legal. 
 As an alternative to hijacking a company, you can send your
certificates by mail to your country’s Minister of Treasury as another
form of political pressure. 
 If you buy a hand-signed certificate or a mailbox, you will have the
exclusive ownership of the company with a unique original printed
certificate to collect. The other two basic purchase options are for
unlimited copies. 
 In response to tackling offshore centers, I would propose three simple
 - Banning trade with corporations registered in a place without
employees, manufacturing, or sales.
 - Banning the promotion and advertising of offshore instruments.
 - Establishing an International Tribunal of Economic Crimes.
 Finally, with the following quotes, I'd like to dedicate this project
to people who gave their life for what today I believe is the front in a
war for possible social change through distributing the power of
 "I want people to see the truth… regardless of who they are… because
without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public"
 Bradley Manning, chat, 2010, unknown date and location.
 "Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to
keep it for themselves… We need to take information, wherever it is
stored, make our copies and share them with the world."
 Aaron Swartz, Guerilla Open Access Manifesto, 2008, Italy
 Some early international press coverage about the Loophole for All

 Greece: http://goo.gl/JvBfU
 Thanks for the attention.
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