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You own it, it builds you
Hands on workshop for DIY modular systems

NUL /  Cotheniusstr. 5, D-10407 Berlin
Date: 25-26th January. 2014 from 12h. 
Duration: 2 Independent days (~7 hours/day)
Max Participants: 11
Target of Participants: interested in analog synthesis, modular synth, experimentation, DIY, performance, sound. 
Leaders: Befaco.org 
Language: English / Spanish 
Material Costs: NO workshop Fee, just Pay the kits you build. 
Kit includes PCB, all electronic parts, white/silver 2mm thick cnc cut aluminum front panel + knobs
Location: / Cotheniusstrasse 5, D-10407 Berlin 
Required skills: No previous experience in electronics required; Interest and patience. 
Required materials: Fine tip soldering iron less than 25W (if possible)
Registration: pin at r-aw.cc 
Befaco system: Eurorack, banana and minijack compatible 

New modules AVAILABLE: Probabilistic Burst Generator "Machine-gun trigger processor”, instrument interface (AKA I²). 
Selective envelope follower +envelope re-generator + gate extractor.Slope generator 2 Based on Buchla 281 with faders an a new "Gate repeat" function. 
Crush delay Full CV PT2399 delay with Lo-fi capability. Dual Atenuverter. VC ADSR Full CV Lin/log envelope. 
2A Power supply+Power bus 2 amp power supply + regulated active bus. 
BF22 Dual filter Based on MS20 + VC resonance. Mixer simple 4 channel mixer.Sample and hold + Lag processor. Joystick controller.

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