[rohrpost] Call: Workshop with WaiWai & Heath Bunting (irational.org), 23.-25.10, Leipzig

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Mit Sep 10 13:37:09 CEST 2014

Search Routines:
Stories of Databases
Call: Workshop
with WaiWai & Heath Bunting (irational.org)

Along the exhibition
and symposium Search Routinesat Kunstraum D21, Leipzig/Germany come two workshops with
irationalists WaiWai and Heath Bunting. Both workshops are about
hacking – not so much in a technological sense, but as a social

Bunting: Status
Within this workshop
we’ll construct an identity or an anonymous corporation using  and
further developing Heath Buntings Status database and other material. http://status.irational.org/The workshop is open– with the participants’ input – to also
practically talk about how to build and use databases and/or how to
visualize data from databases. This is in no way a technical
workshop, although it may involve some kinds of technology. It is
about ideas, sharing of knowledge and questioning the invisible of
the database. »42 years old from birht / 63 kilos in weight / a Bank
of England creditor / able to accept terms and conditions / able to
access the internet  / able to bath myself« (Excerpt from Artist's
self portraitby Heath Bunting) – 10

WaiWai: Outside
the Default
This workshop will move
the opposite way and will do further research into questions of
disappearing from the radar of databases. Given that more and more
details of us individuals get collected in several databases
(surveillance, corporate) it would be interesting to learn and try
how to escape them. This might lead finally into the woods, but maybe
an escape is also possible within the city or even while being
online. The main focus of the workshop would be understanding how
dependency was developed by a fabricated system to its users, and how
we can free ourselves from the database through extracting resources
outside of the default routing. e.g. sourcing fire, water, food,
network outside of the system. – 10 participants

Call for
participation:We are looking for up to
ten participants per workshop in Leipzig on October 23–25 in
Leipzig. The workshop is followed by a symposium on October 26th 2014. See additional announcement.  
There is no workshop
fee. We try to provide a travel grant of 50,00 Euro for up to seven
participants, depending on distance to Leipzig. On request we can try
to place free private accommodation. Please indicate, if you need
that. Workshop language is English.  
Deadline: September 27 or earlier.
First come, first serve. To apply, please send three to five
sentences to anmeldung at d21-leipzig.dewhy you would like to be involved. We’ll inform you latest
September 30.


Heath Buntingworks with technological, cultural, and social systems. He has
explored both the dirty and progressive dimensions of the Internet,
hacked urban spaces through physical activities like Sculpture
Climbingor borderXcrossing. 
In recent years he has been dedicated to an extensive researched
aimed at constructing fully valid identities from scratch based on a
deep knowledge of how such an identity is officially constructed.
Heath Bunting's Status Project surveys these class systems of human
being management and produces maps of influence and personal
portraits for both comprehension and mobility. The Status Project is
also producing new natural person identities.

WaiWai is a
formally trained artist, self-taught programmer and a witch in
training. Her latest project includes constructing a studio in the
forest where she inhabits and experiments with various practice, such
as computing, herbal medicine and alchemy. She also has ran various
alternative computing workshops in Europe. She also hosts and invents
regular rituals and ceremonies combining primitive and modern
technology. http://www.irational.org/waiwai/

Curated by Lena
Brüggemann, Hannah Sieben, Francis Hunger

Funded by Kulturamt
der Stadt Leipzig, der Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and
Stiftung Kulturwerk der VG Bild-Kunst.

A cooperation of D21 Kunstraum und sublab e.V., Leipzig