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Exploring Urban Space Berlin
Do you want to come to Berlin for a week of photographing and
exploring the city? 
Class starts on July 25. Places still available and language English
(predominantly) and German.
Instructor: Klaus W. Eisenlohr
You need to register at Photocentrum at
Gilberto-Bosques-Volkshochschule Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg!


25 - 29 July 2016
Photocentrum at
Gilberto-Bosques-Volkshochschule Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Wassertorstrasse 4
10969 Berlin

Berlin's urban space has undergone incredible changes these past
years. This photography workshop will discover some of Berlin's
architecture and urban space in relation to place, body and space.
The workshop will be taught in English. Berlin's urban space is
unique in regard to its evident layers of pre- and post-war history
including the more recent urban developments after the fall of the
Wall. Using different photography techniques, we will explore how the
recent disappearance of open unbuilt space and the efforts for a
homogenized inner city has shaped the new capital. And we will
investigate how the boroughs and some neighborhood initiatives try to
counterbalance the new density with new green spaces. Taking the term
'visual research' literally, we will practice and discuss different
possibilities of how we can creatively translate our experience of
urbanity in these 5 days. In practical terms, we will research
spatial compositions, body relations, local lights and shadows and
the impact of distance and proximity taken with different lenses.
According to the interests of the members of the group, we will focus
on direct human interactions or a more documentary approach.
Discussions of the work in class and of contemporary photographers
will broaden our senses. Requirements are: your own (digital) camera,
experience in photography and photo printing and the passion to
experiment. A Berlin travel card for public transport is highly

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