[rohrpost] ACI-Surfing with... Aseel AlYaqoub - 24.02.2021 6pm (CET) / 8 pm (AST).

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Di Feb 23 08:18:12 CET 2021

Dear All.

We would like to invite you to our *ACI-Surfing with... Aseel AlYaqoub  
-  24.02.2021 6pm (CET) / 8 pm (AST).

*Link for Live-Stream* 


This time we will have an insight into Kuwaiti society from the 
perspective of a Kuwaiti artist. A very exciting topic, considering the 
special role Kuwait plays in the Gulf region, due to its turbulent 
history triggered by decolonization and the invasion of Iraqi troops and 
the resulting second Gulf War.

Aseel AlYaqoub (b. 1986, Kuwait) is an artist who works across the 
disciplines of history, architecture and cultural identity theory. Her 
practice is concerned with themes of nationhood, state apparatuses and 
collective nostalgia to discern why some historical elements fit well 
within the national narrative whilst others are deliberately forgotten. 
Using an ever-growing collection of found objects, documents and media, 
her work explores the construct of new nations such as Kuwait. Through 
video, drawing, installation and printmaking, she documents the nation’s 
processes of self-identification and state-making – that happened within 
pressure-cooker conditions – post-imperial dissolution and re-attachment.

Kind regards,


Art Claims Impulse

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