[rohrpost] "An Embrace" - electronic music compilation bridging DIY scenes in Sofia and Berlin, out today

Nat Gravenor natgravenor at gmail.com
Fr Mär 26 11:14:17 CET 2021

The festival Easterndaze x Berlin, which brings together DIY electronic
musicians and activists in various Eastern European cities with
like-minded actors in Berlin, has moved its activities for 2021 beyond the
physical space. The 2021 edition kicks off today, March 26, with the
release of AN EMBRACE.

AN EMBRACE is a collaborative project between the Bulgarian experimental
music collective Amek and the German music label Vaagner.

Commissioned by Easterndaze as part of the festival’s fourth edition, 'An
Embrace' aims to create a bridge between two communities from the different
cultural environments of Eastern and Western Europe.

Each label invited artists from the respective regions to form four duos.
Evitceles & Fortunes Brine, Zhe Pechorin & Anasisana, krāllār & Ekin Fil,
as well as Vague Voices & Crosspolar collaborated remotely to compose a
piece inspired by the project's theme – 'An Embrace.’

The final results are compiled and presented as a joint release between
Amek and Vaagner, comprising of a limited edition cassette tape and a
riso-printed zine offering further insight into the artists's creative
process, as well as writings by S. N., Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Krisztián Puskár
and Stanimir Panayotov.

The compilation is available here:

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