[spectre] re: Arns/Broeckmann

Andreas Broeckmann abroeck@transmediale.de
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 17:17:31 +0100

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[via anna balint. I thought that it would be fair to offer another aspect of  the story,
once Andreas Broecmann and Inke Arns started an international campaign to  discredit
individual artists and the syndicate list. is there room at spectre at least  for a more complex
approach when an artist on whom bombs were falling is infamed? greetings  -a.]

Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 20:10:31 +0100
From: Andrej Tisma <aart@EUnet.yu>
Organization: Happiness
Subject: Re: Rise and Decline of the Syndicate

A very touching report on Syndicate history, indeed. But listmasters
should have admit some of their faults too, for their full right to
mention the word ethics.
Since I am mentioned personally in the report, and I am thankful for
former listmasters' understanding for keeping me on Syndicate all the
time (unlike Nettime), I want to stress once more: yes I was expressing
my anti-Western and anti-NATO attitude, and I am doing it still with the
same intensity. But in that very vivid artistic and political engagement
my aim was never to defend "Milosevic regime" (in the same logic I could
claim you defended Clinton's or Schroeder's regime on this list), but
rather to oppose Western, mostly American neoimperialism,
interventionism and globalization, like many progressive Western
intellectuals do. In that aim I had and still have a great support and
admiration by numerous people world-wide, specially on the West. Even
now when "Milosevic regime" doesn't exist, you might remark that my
activities didn't stop or change, and that they are maybe even growing.
Also the support for my engagement and art is growing, and with time and
new Western violent, arrogant and inhuman activities the statements I
was publishing on the list seam to get more proofs.
This is what I wanted to say. And about reasons of Syndicate's "decline"
you should also ask yourselves, if it was right to leave the list in the
most difficult and sensitive moment, or you just felt that your
mastering is under reasonable questioning, which you couldn't endure.
Arns/Broeckmann wrote:
> The case of Andrej Tisma, a
> Yugoslav artist from multi-cultural Novi Sad and a defender of the
> Milosevic regime throughout the late 90s, is a case in point: many
> perceived his tirades against the West and against NATO as pure Serbian
> propaganda which became unbearable at some point. Later, Tisma came back to
> the list and continued his criticisms by posting links to anti-NATO web
> pages he had created. For us, he was always an interesting sign post of
> Serb nationalist ideology which it was good to be aware of. And it was good
> that he showed that people can be artists 'like you and me', and be Serb
> nationalists at the same time. The Syndicate could handle his presence
> after he agreed to tune down his rants.
ANDREJ TISMA is Novi Sad (Yugoslavia) based artist, art critic and
curator. Since the early '70s mail-artist and networker. Founder of
The Institute for the Spreading of Love (1991) and Embargo Art
campaign (1992). Since 1997 web.artist and activist.
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