[spectre] RE: Deep Europe? Deep troubles! with the "authors"

anna balint epistolaris@freemail.hu
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 15:13:00 +0200

Dear Ana,

as a researcher the main and very important questions I am fascinated about
are who, when, what did, organized, wrote, said, how idea circulates. I
confess repentingly that I spend weeks thinking about who for example
Dionysos Aeropagitos was, what and when did he write. Or for instance I
spend months to compile a Robert Filliou bibliography and I am happy to find
under any cicumstances a fragment of his. If once he influences the whole
media art scene, I am curious to find any detail of his work, and I try to
go back to the most authentic sources.
This fascination made me also to subscribe to the Syndicate list. I find
more than fascinating how the individual, the private interacts with public,
how one individual influences the other, how authors can grab contemporary
spirituality, how collaboration takes place. If many terms are invented, I
wish to know who, and when invented them, myself I never use for example the
word 'intermedia' without thinking to Dick Higgins. He has coined it, and
with this word and his way of thinking still influences the whole art scene.
I like to be aware of that, and I like to handle with care and in a
responsible way terms. That's part of my ars poetica if you like.
I am honoured if I can be in touch with authors and I can follow their works
as they arrive unmoderated to a mailing list. I find interesting the way 60
people left the syndicate list, and feel more comfortable with less
information to deal with on a new, restricted mailing list, though I see
here many problems - that of the syndicate archive for example - which still
waits to be discussed and solved.
Syndicate list is not integer's list, it stays for those people interested
in East-West media art contacts and in contemporary media art theory who
don't find too difficult to not open, delete, archive, read or enjoy the
mail coming from artists, organizers, curators from East and West Europe and
who care about the public space of the list. There are subscribers, readers
and contributors, Claudia Westerman and Jaka Zeleznicar build a web page for
the list, and we are all considering ways for organizing the incoming mail
through self moderation, bureau automatism, perhaps a digest for
announcements and theoretical texts.

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Dear all,

I had problems deleting boring Syndicate mailings last months and then
illiterate (Syndicate) mailings / attachments. I have a pain in my finger
that I use for the Delete type.

Just few minutes ago I recieved an e-mail, one of the most beautiful e-mails
from the old Syndicate list - asking is someone is still there. It looks
like a child entering to the village abandoned. The list still exists, but
emptied, evacuated. The person knows not that there was a war. As seems,
right now, there is an abandoned territory, one refugee camp and one new
self-proclaimed republic. I saw that scenario, and I know those arguings
right now... of who was the first calling on the  of independency in 1968,
of who spoken, who wrote.

Sides are chosen. And now we don't have a Red Cross that will locate people
we need to. I still don't know who is where as there are only few names
posting. How can I find people whose e-mails I like? The war happened.

And now the discussion is on inheritage. We are dividing names, history,

About terms, I am not fascinated anyhow. It is like the Humpty Dumpty from
the Alice in Wonderland who coincides terms, and with the exclamation of the
White Knife 'I invented it'. So what????

(BRACKET NOTE - But it makes me to think, do I need to protect my terms as
'Soros realism' in arts? Where do I need to go for that? Ok, I tell you - I
invented a term Soros-realism I find crucial in interpretation of the
artworks of nineties and last few years of this century, and it referrs to
the arts of politically founded melancholia and pittiness, that has a
connection to the socrealism of engaged art. It provides a reading of one
narrative continously and gives a differentia specifica to the art of
activism on the West. I find it ingenious, I am so delighted that every day
I wake up and thing - how clever I am when I manage to invent such a thing.
I feel so good, I love myself more since I done it. And I find myself more
beautiful, thinking - one day if this continues I will get the Miss Europe
prize. I am so clever and so beautiful since then. I am a witch. I knew it
is going to happen. I wrote a text Unsubscribe! and I should have done it
then. Why I didn't follow my intuition? Doesn't matter, I am so clever and
so beautiful. I am a princess of the cleverness and beauty and witchcraft.
When I recieve too many stupid e-mails I just go to the bathroom to see
something nice, and I exclamate 'Soros Realism!!! Yes, Yes!'. So, please, if
someone hears anyone else telling it without my name in reference, please -
slam him in the face for my own dignity. You are my friends anyhow... And I
will protect words you told, and wrote, to me. Please just put them bold, so
I know which one you want to keep for your own creme against time, for your
own grave. On my it is going to be written: A. P. (1972 - ...) THE INVENTOR
of the term Soros-realism. It would be ME, ME, ME. It is I; I, I, I who
invented it. It belongs to me and I carry it to my grave! Everyone who
invented a term should write right now! On the graveyard we'll have terms
and ideas. Terms should keep us to tell we are immortal no matter we are
under the face of the earth.)

But, if you find this stupid (mast.., fu...) that I have a certain erotic
effects to my own terms - please ignore, I was joking. Soros realism was
invented by artists, and Soros, and Stalin, and Lenin. But that topic is
erotic too (mmmm.... nice!), nothing is erotic as those names...

'Deep Europe' is invented by those who were digging, in a certain sense.
Diging what? Diging who? Diging under who?
Otherwise people call it East, living on the surface. But who invented
East - West - South - North?

How can one write providing references...  Weather (ref. anonym. since
Aristotle On metereology) in Croatia (inv. Zvonimir, ref. Pavelic, ref.
Tudjman) is sublime (inv Aristotle, ref/bold. Kant, ref Bataille...) today
(ref. fuck who invented today?), rain (ref God?, ref Aristotle ibid) falls
(ref. Archimed, ref Newton...), writing (ref Arabians) to you (ref. Syndicat
e) an e-mail (ref. ref. ref. ref.....).
Deep Europe? Deep troubles! Andreas vs "Anna", Syndicate vs (Syndicate) vs
((((Syndicate, ref (((Syndicate), ref ((Syndicate) ref (Syndicate))).

Who invented "Syndicate" (Marx?), who invented NN, Andreas, Anna? When do
you need to start with the intellectual property? It is destroying text, it
is destroying communication, it is self-referrent at the end. And in the
reference I can only write terms as - copyright, brand. It is boring as NN
was boring. Boooooring, the worst that can be.

Who has a copyright, which brand is this piece of activism? Now what is the
original Syndicate - copyright, brand?????  Seems this is the original
discussion, covered by the terms. Tell it loudly! There are three lists, one
is empty, one is Intenger's, one is elite. One interpetation what is/was
Syndicate is its original address, the second - name, the third - people.
Or, this is a discussion on factory, brand and quality?