[spectre] RUSSIAN MEDIA ART IN DE BALIE - April 4, 20.00 hrs.

Eric Kluitenberg epk@xs4all.nl
Wed, 3 Apr 2002 01:05:23 +0200

Dear Spectrites,

For your information some news on a project that will hopefully happen end
of this summer in Moscow and Amsterdam - "Debates & Credits - Media Art in
the Public Domain".
If anyone is near Amsterdam on Thursday, do drop in!!

best wishes,


A  N  N  O  U  N  C  E  M  E  N  T


Debates & Credits
Media Art in the Public Domain

A Dutch Russian Media/Art/Project

De Balie - Kleine Zaal
Donderdag 4 April
Start: 20.00 uur

A young generation of artists in Russia is no longer interested in the
opposition of the old communist system and the capitalist west. They are
also no longer the heirs to the so-called "Russian Underground", which
since the years of Perestroika has managed to enter the very heart of the
international art world, but is still being sold as (pseudo-) underground
in prestigious galleries and museums in New York, Paris and Cologne.

The new generation concerns itself much rather with media, with the
dilapidation of the cityscape, streets and facades littered with aggressive
advertisement campaigns, which particularly in the streets of Moscow have
acquired a "special quality of their own". This generation is no longer
satisfied with clinical spaces, isolated art spaces disconnected from the
rest of society. They seek new places where they can manifest their
presence: electronic media - television and internet -, billboards,
advertisement campaigns, posters, public space and urban architecture, are
transformed into new surfaces and media that can carry their poetic and
political messages.

De Balie has been working quite closely with a number of media art
institutions in Moscow since the beginning of last year on a larger scale
art project that should result in a series of interventions in the public
spaces in Moscow and Amsterdam. These interventions will partly be located
in physical urban spaces and partly in the public space of the media
themselves. In October last year the Dutch artists and artist groups
involved in D&C presented their work already in Moscow. As part of the
Balie program "Empire in Shatters (Wereldrijk in scherven) - Russia ten
years after the fall of communism", a number of the Russian artists are now
invited to present their work and methodologies in Amsterdam.

Oleg Kyreev from Moscow will introduce his project "Ghetto"
(http://www.getto.rema.ru), and will also comment the turbulent street
actions, performances and campaigns that were staged in Moscow in the
second half of the 90s. Arseny Sergeev from Yekaterinburg presents his
project "Agitating for Art" - a poster project for which the artist staged
a series of propaganda actions for art, using posters designed by a range
of different Russian artists in a stark agit-prop type design
(http://www.gif.ru/agitazia ). Curator Tania Gorucheva will present the
project "PACAKAGE" by the artist collective Archaeopteryx from Izhevsk -
house blocks transformed into packages holding fragile goods by applying
huge "Handle with Care!" labels on the facades, a funny project that
acquires a different meaning in the context of the random bombings of
similar housing blocks in Russia at the time, allegedly perpetrated by
Chechnian separatists, but never proven. She will also present the work of
Galina Myznikova and Sergei Provorov from Nizhny Novgorod, which operates
at the border of media art and communication design.

The final artist projects that are the core of Debates & Credits are
planned for the end of August 2002 in Moscow, and the second half of
September in Amsterdam.


(Please Note: Most of these Russian sites require installation of Cyrillic
fonts for proper legibility!)

* Arseni Sergeev (Yekaterinburg) - Agitazia:

* Archaeopteryx (Izhevsk) - PACKAGE:

* Home page Archaeopteryx:

* Ghetto project by Oleg Kyreev:

More relevant information on the contemporary art scene in Russia can be
found (in German only) on the web sites of the recent travelling exhibition
DAVAJ!, which featured a number of the Russian artists currently involved
in D&C. The exhibition was put together by MAK, Vienna, and the Berliner




Tickets & reservations:
price: Euro 7,50  / E. 5,00
opening hours box office: work days 13.00-18.00 hrs or until the start of
the program.
In the weekend 1 1/2 hour before the programs starts.
Reserve by phone: 020 - 55 35 100 during opening hours until 45 minutes
before the program starts.

De Balie
Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam