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For performing, multimedia and visual artists, writers, Web designers,
system thinkers, musicians, art historians, dancers, choreographers,
photographers, filmmakers, architects and all interdisciplinary

- Polymedia voyage -

Authors: Boris Bakal, Katarina Pejovic, Pina Siotto, Monika Glahn
First phase:  Shadow Casters Workshop/Project
Ljubljana, International Performing Arts Festival EXODOS 2002
May 13-29, 2002

Shadow Casters is a project that unites various media and a diversity of
methods in a specific exploration of a city. It begins as a workshop
and, in the process that comprises two phases, develops into a complex

The first phase of exploration and building of Shadow Casters=92 path /
structure / system will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from May
13-29, within the frame of the 8th International Performing Arts
Festival EXODOS. During this time, the participants will delve into the
exploration of Ljubljana, its revealed and unrevealed strata, its time
and space co-ordinates and their cross-sections which are always
determined by the point of view.

The tools and techniques used for this building are introduced through
the workshop and include:

Urban performing
Reality recycling
Digital Video and Audio recording and editing
Inner/outer mapping
Urban dramaturgy
Web design
Dilating perception

The navigation of exploration is guided by questions such as:

How does a city settle in my inner world?
What does the border between public and private mean and where is it
Is it possible to create a collective identity without damaging
individual identities?
Is there such a thing as a non-manipulative system?
Is there such a thing as the freedom of choice?

If you are to take on the task of a Shadow Caster, you will not find out
much more than this before May 13.

On May 13, you will show up at noon at a designed place that will be
conveyed to you on time.

There you will meet other Shadow Casters - guides and novices.
>From then on, you will spend two weeks living in apartments with other
members of the Shadow Casters team.
You will do that even if you are a native of Ljubljana.

There will be a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 15 of you.
You will receive daily a set of information and instructions that will
be your navigation tools for discovering and building Shadow Casters.
Although you will synchronise with others, it will be up to you to find
out your own combination of elements given to you in the set.

If the words "manipulation" or "mystification" come to your mind while
reading this, perhaps you should start reading from the beginning and
then go on.

The selective and gradual introduction of information is there to allow
you to discover more, not less.
You will start from the outside in order to create the inside by
yourself and with others.
The Shadow Casters guides might start the exploration / building process
as the conductors, but they will be those who ask, search and build
along with you.

You will go through all the phases of exploration and build-up of Shadow
Apart from using your potentials as human biocomputers, you will acquire
and/or use the knowledge in the computer and digital domain.
As working in these domains is the most efficient when each human is
paired with a machine, you are welcome to contribute to the Shadow
Casters equipment with additional digital camcorders, cameras, DAT
recorders, MiniDiscs, laptops.

Your daily research schedule will last on the average 8 hours but you
might want to prolong it.

For your two-week Shadow Casters exploration / building you will pay a
fee of 200 EUR.
If, however, your financial means do not allow you to cover the fee,
there is a possibility for the outside coverage of up to three fees. You
should therefore specify this in your statement.

The official language of the workshop is English, but Italian, French,
German, Slovenian and Serbian/Croatian will also be available as
communication tools.

You should send the application including your CV, some documentation of
your previous works and a short text (not longer than 15 lines) on your
particular interest in Shadow Casters to: shadow_casters@europe.com and
You should do this by April 11, 2002.
The applications will be revised by April 23.
If you are from Ljubljana (or from the vicinity), you might be invited
for an interview.

The second phase of Shadow Casters will take place within the frame of
the 9th edition of EXODOS Festival in May/June 2003. As a Shadow Caster,
you will then be the guide / agent provocateur / catalyst of the voyage
for those who will embark on it as visitors / voyagers / casters.

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