[spectre] [SPrInT] tHe genHuine onHline papHer

clement Thomas - pavu.com ctgr@free.fr
Sun, 07 Apr 2002 20:51:13 +0200

dear friends and colleagues

pavu.com executives are proud to launch today the first issue of 
tHe genHuine onHline papHer
available near you from any kiosque 
with an internet connection and a printer.

SPrInT number 1 features two exclusive pavu.com SPrInTportages :
- Lysane Potvin's exhibition at Frederic Madre's
- Valery Grancher's lecture in Bordeaux
both held late saturday

tHe genHuine onHline papHer

wishing you the best always

the pau.com Team

Paul Dupouy - Chief Président
Jean-Philippe Halgand - Executive Directeur
Clément Thomas - Officer Général
- / Invent ! Train ! Walk! /-