[spectre] EUROPA-On the fly / New Net.Sound.Piece by Wolf Kahlen online

Ruine der Kuenste Berlin ruine-kuenste.berlin@snafu.de
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 12:17:27 +0200

Since today online:

Wolf Kahlen
Europa On the Fly

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New Europe has a New Anthem. Of course. Beethoven's Ode to Joy in parts. The
building of Europe is a work in progress. So is her anthem, Wolf Kahlen
makes us aware in his recent Net.Sound.Piece EUROPA-ON THE FLY.
By your click, you are interfering into the process, actively coconstructing
the fragile multilingual unity of Europe, and deconstructing at the same
time. You hear the result of your click at instant, as the anthem looses and
gains pieces of the melody, on the fly. As countries join in in harmony or
articulate new influences, others may drop out or raise their voice in
disharmony, the score of the anthem is coming and going by your activity.
Going, falling into pieces in Part One, when the melody opens up holes,
silencies, rather Cagean like, coming, when she assembles the lost notes of
Part One to shape a new sound in Part Two, rather Schoenberg like. You shall
see nothing, as politics may change behind your back, but listen and be
aware, it is your music you hear. And just by chance, which does not exist,
as Kahlen believes. Any user hears two unique anthem variations, nobody ever
will hear the same again for the next 35o years. Join the grand European
work this way, on the fly.

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