[spectre] MuSE 0.7 "EXODUS"

jaromil jaromil@dyne.org
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 04:17:51 +0200

re all!

here i am,
hopefully getting some sleep soon,
to proudly announce MuSE 0.7 EXODUS !!!

 MuSE is being developed in the hope to provide the Free Software
 community with a user friendly tool for network audio streaming, making
 life easier for independent free speech radios.

this new release of MuSE - Multiple Streaming Engine - features
many significative improvements, a brand new GTK+ user interface and
important bugfixes - full ChangeLog entry follows:

MuSE 0.7 "EXODUS" - 20 04 02
/* here we go with a new interface and massive improvements
   of the engine which renders now a very stable release;
   feel free to submit your suggestions to our mailinglist */
        new GTK+ GUI included (by nightolo)
        bugfixes on the command line interface
        fixed playing and mixing of mp3 network streams
        fixed playing and mixing of ogg files
        new FIFO buffered pipe mechanism on channels
        new profile code for multiple configurations
        can compile also without X libraries (CLI only)
        adaptive coefficient clipping algorithm (by MOP)
        major cleanup of the engine code

MuSE homepage where you can also download the sourcecode is
 ============> http://muse.dyne.org

recently the MuSE team enlarged, we are now more ppl actively working on
the sourcecode (blame asbesto for documentation ;) so let's give a
welcome to ..
 nightolo = author of the brand new GTK+ interface
 rubik = actively working on a new NCURSES console interface
 MOP = contributing sound processing algorithms

a special THANKS goes to PUBLIC VOICE Lab - www.pvl.at - Vienna
for supporting the development of this new release and for giving MuSE
new interesting horizons of use which are getting in shape very soon! we
are working on a complete free software automatation and publishing
solution for online and onair radios ... more infos to come soon ;)

feel free to send us feedback, suggestions, bugreports and whatever you
feel like thru MuSE's mailinglist muse@dyne.org - also subscribing to it
with a simple mail to muse-subscribe@dyne.org - atm we are 40 ppl there

if you are still wondering what is MuSE have a look to the description
and to the screenshots on the website!

:: MuSE it's free software released under GNU General Public License
:: a matter of freedom ;)


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